Chapter 1 - Random kisses can change your life

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Chapter 1 - Random kisses can change your life

"I'm not doing this guys. I never once agreed to the dare." Kayla McCrae protested as her friends from dance class egged her on, grinning all the way.

"Geez the way you're going Kayla, you're never going to be kissed." Hayley Thornton put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.

"Just get in there already." Nadia Hunt gave Kayla a little push but she didn't budge.

"I just don't want to kiss some stranger." Kayla replied, feeling edgy about the whole ordeal they were thrusting her into.

Did she really want her first kiss to be with some guy she didn't even know? Kayla had always thought that first kisses were special. That had been the main reason she had been willing to wait, she wanted a memorable first kiss, one that she would never forget.

She twisted a strand of her long black hair around her finger while pushing her glasses higher onto her nose nervously. She pulled the cap on her head down further to shadow her face but her friends only seemed more determined. She hated when they got so pushy, especially as they were all younger than her.

"No hiding." Hayley insisted as she ripped the cap of Kayla's head.

"Hey wait!" Kayla reached for her cap but it somehow disappeared amongst her friends.

Hayley stood in front of her then and pulled her hair from the band that held it so it fell in long waves down her back. She then began fluffing Kayla's hair out which she tried to protest. She was silenced the moment another of her friends began applying a subtle shade of lip-gloss to her lips. Her friends surrounded her then as the primping began in earnest making Kayla feel trapped in a whirlwind of craziness.

"This isn't going to work you guys. I don't want to kiss a stranger." Kayla tried arguing again while struggling against her friends efforts.

"Trust me, he's no stranger." Hayley let out a little giggle as she pushed her friend towards the booth, refusing to accept no as an answer.

"Who's up next?" That husky male voice that had always set her heart to thumping now set of panic inside Kayla.

"Isaac? It's Isaac?" Kayla whispered, horrified as her eyes widened.

She couldn't believe they had set her up to kiss Isaac, Hayley's brother of all people! She turned panicked eyes to Hayley who simply grinned and pushed her past all the other waiting girls. Choruses of complaints about pushing in echoed around until Hayley glared them all down.

"Here's your next girl." Hayley voice was a singsong but Kayla managed to glare through the tense pounding of her heart.

"Thanks sis." Isaac called out which only increased the anxiousness clutching at Kayla.

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