“Eliza..Eliza wake up!”

I feel someone gently shaking my shoulder. I wake up to find myself in the passenger seat of Zayn Malik’s hummer. I look behind to see Harry sprawled out in the back seat, Zayn is seated in the driver’s seat. I look outside my window and notice my driveway.

“Thanks for the ride” I say as I unbuckle my seat belt.

“No worries” replies Zayn with a small smile.

I get out of the truck and shut the door behind me. I hear another door shutting as I turn around. I look back to see Zayn walking towards me. I turn back around fully.

“Mind if I walk you?” he asks

I look at him and then at my apartment and wonder why he wants to walk me home when it’s hardly any distance.

“Nope” I reply as I yawn.

We walk in silence, I unlock the door and get in. My phone beeps as I get a message. I open it to see it’s from Eva.

“Hey gurrllllll... guess what!

Today is your Zayn Malik’s birthday :P

I hope you’ve already wished him! ;)


WHAT!! Today is Zayn’s birthday! I check the date on my phone which shows 12-01-2014. I widen my eyes as I realize that I’ve practically ruined Zayn’s birthday! The party!! Damn it! The party his friend had thrown for him! It was his birthday party! I’m sure his friend must have felt really bad that Zayn couldn’t show up to the party! Eliza you jerk!!

But how could I know that it was his birthday!! I’m so bad at remembering birthdays!! Even Harry didn’t tell! Well done Eliza you forget one of the greatest superstar’s birthday!! What a friend you are!! Can you get any more stupid!?? Maybe yeah you can!!

I turn around to find Zayn leaning by the door.

“Eh.. Sorry..I ruined your evening” he says as he rubs the back of his neck. I just stand there uncomfortably shifting my weight from one leg to another as massive guilt fills in me.

“No..Zayn! I’m sorry! It was your birthday and I ruined it” I say biting my lower lip.

“No..no..You didn’t ruin it love..” he says as he takes a step towards me.

“I know I did much worse..that gas station thing and then forcing you to help Matt and Emily! When you really had a birthday party to attend! How could I be so dumb! I ruined your day! It was your 21st birthday! Birthdays never come back! And now your friends will all be mad at you and all because of me.. and I’m such an idiot..” I start blabbering as the guilt starts flowing out from my mouth in the form of words.

“Hey..hey..it’s okay” he says as he places his hands on my shoulders and lowers his head down to look at me.

“You didn’t ruin anything. I had fun today. I’ve never celebrated my birthday like this, sure it was unusual..but it was fun... and anyway I got to spend more time with you and that’s all that I wanted. I keep attending parties all the time and sometimes it gets kinda boring, so today doing all that crazy stuff was a good change from the routine” he says

“Really? Your not mad at me?” I ask as I look up at him.

“I could never be mad at you Eliza your just so amazing” he smiles reassuringly.

“I’m sorry and Happy Birthday” I smile back at him.

“Thank you.. umm and..how about lunch tomorrow? One which doesn’t include any gas stations or thugs or..pregnant couples?” he asks grinning.

“Sure why not” I say as I laugh.

I look down and realize I’m still wearing Zayn’s hoodie.

“Eh.. your hoodie?” I ask.

“Keep it.. maybe it’ll remind you of me in future?” he says with a wink.

“Thanks and by the way your unforgettable Zayn Malik” I grin at him.

“Either are you” he says as his cheeks redden. Oh my goodness he’s blushing! So adorable!

 “Ok so I’ll pick you up..” he starts but I cut him off.

“Nah that’s fine I’ll drive there, just text me the place and time” I say

“Right.. See you tomorrow then?” he confirms

“For sure.. Goodnight Zayn” I say as another yawn makes its way.

“Goodnight Ellie” says Zayn as he pecks me on the cheek and takes me by surprise. I just stare at him wide eyed as he smiles, turns around and jogs to his hummer. He gets into the giant truck and speeds off. I shut the door and make my way to my room. Sleep overcomes me as soon as my head hits the soft pillow.


A/n: Ok so before you all shoot me with you tomato guns I have a confession to make--I SUCK AT WRITING CUTE SCENES.. like really! this was all I could come up with.. Cute is not my thing i prefer humor better :P I was literally Rofl-ing while writing this... like seriously who does this "Keep the sweatshirt it'll remind you of me" "Your unforgettable Louis Tomlinson" Oh sorry it was Zayn Malik right? Or was it Liam Payne... LOL .. xD

Anyhoo.. my the first chapter of my next story will be up today.. Search for "Just A Dream" and you shall find it.

Ok m done for now.. Bring on the tomato guns..! B)


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