Geoff and Lucas led the group. It had been a hard, long journey from the under ground caverns. We were constantly on the alert in case of discovery. We avoided populated areas as much as possible, although when we had to make a supply run. We decided to go as a group.

The buildings stood tall and menacing. The wind created the only sound as it whipped rubbish around, creating mini tornadoes.

We stayed away from the centre, instead concentrating on the residential areas. We came across some houses which were obviously abandoned. Front doors were left wide open, some had luggage and clothes strewn over the gardens; as if those who lived there left in a hurry.

We approached cautiously as we went in search of food. More than half of the group stared in fascination at the brick buildings. This was a new world to them. I discussed with Lucas about staying here for the night, it was much preferable than the cold nights on hard ground.

We found a rather large house with a garden and high fence. Once it was deemed safe, we broke in through the back door. Entering into a large kitchen, nostalgia overcame me as memories of my mother cooking came to me. I trailed my hand over the cupboards and left a trail in the thick dust.

Those of us who'd lived outside the Cavern quickly took stock of the place, as the others were left to discover their surroundings. I began to clean the kitchen, I tried the tap and was pleasantly suprised when water gushed out. Gathering all the cleaning products I could find, I set to work. Relishing the normal task and discovering just how pretty the kitchen was underneath all that dirt.

So engrossed in my task I didn't hear Lolita approach. "Reve, we've found something". I must have jumped a mile as I whirled round to face her, as she burst out laughing. "Well, I must say Reve, that's certainly a new look for you".  

She wiped at my face and I saw dirt on her fingers. We laughed together, it was a carefree sound. Our freedom certainly had a positive effect on her.

I looked around surveying my handiwork. The Kitchen positively sparkled and I felt a deep satisfaction. Lolita had to drag me away, she guided me through to an imposing sitting room. I noticed the dust was just as thick here too. 'I'll have to do something about that' I thought before static interrupted my thoughts. Most of the men were crowded around an ancient radio.

I was about to ask what it was they were trying to hear as a whisper of a voice immediately caught my attention.  

"You are not alone......If you're listening to this. Know that there are hundreds of people scattered across earth, still living, still fighting and I ask you not to give up hope". 

Lolita grabbed my hand, her attention  focused on the radio. 

"There are pockets of freedom fighters dotted all over the United Kingdom. We have food, medical supplies, electricity and running water. Look for the eye and you'll find us. Be safe" And just like that the transmission ended.

"Do you think they'll accept us?" Lolita asked with hope in her voice. 

"I don't know, maybe but we'll have to be careful as to how we approach them".

"Why don't we discuss this later. Right now we're all hungry" Lucas inclined his head to me. "I'm not sure if the cooker will work" I said but Lucas smiled. "It will, they have their own generator, I've already tested it. It was how I got the radio working", he looked smug but I didn't care. The thought of hot food was enough to put a spring in my step.  

Pasta and tuna with sweetcorn tasted as if it was the best meal I'd ever eaten. It was certainly an improvement on what I'd eaten over the past few months. And it seemed as if the rest where in agreement.  

After the meal it was decided that we would clean up and rest, there was much to do but no one and that included me, wanted to face the outside world just yet.  

There were two bathrooms and we all took turns to have a wipe down. We had to conserve the water, not knowing whether or not it would last. It was the cleanest I had felt in awhile.

There were six bedrooms over two floors. We gathered as many blankets as we could and settled down to sleep once we'd secured the house. Sleep took its time as I wondered what the humans would make of us. Would they welcome us or kill us on sight? Were these the people Geoff spoke about? The future was uncertain but at least we now had a choice in it. That was my last coherent thought as I finally drifted off.

Two days we stayed at the abonded house and it quickly felt like a home. Lucas along with Geoff and a few others went on a scavenge, as the water quickly dried up and what food was left quickly diminished. They'd been gone for a few hours when they came back bursting with news and I noticed, unhappily, empty of supplies.

They'd found a sign, the same sign that the people on the radio had described. They followed to what it seemed to point at, and came across another, then another. Until after a few miles they'd seen what looked like a massive air field with hangars.

Lucas, his eyes bright " We've found them Reve!" he said to me. My spirits lifted, thinking of how we would have what we needed. "Ok" I said, "Let's not hang around!". Everyone grabbed what little they could and we followed the others out. The excitement was thrumming between us all, but we still stayed cautious.

Lolita held my left hand, whilst Elvira held my right. Amy walked along side of us. Each of us had a smile on our faces. The weather also seemed to be in our favour too, the sun burned bright but there was a gentle breeze that cooled the sweat as we walked along. For the first time I felt genuinely happy, it had been such a long time since I felt that. I could now see the airfield the others had described. A huge electric fence was erected around the entire area, the gravel could barely be seen over the grown weeds. No humans could be seen though.

Geoff stumbled, and fell forward. A red patch appeared in his back as he fell to the ground bleeding. I ran forward leaving the others behind trying to get to Geoff. Lucas ran towards me knocking me off my feet as I heard gunfire then screams. Lucas was a dead weight on me, and I tried to struggle from under him but he would not move. "stay down" he hissed at me, I heard more gunfire, screams and thuds as bodies hit the ground.

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