|Chapter 5|

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It was the next day and Reine was constantly making new plans in her head to run away. But they were knocked down as soon as she learned more information. She couldn't do anything either because some guard was always following her. Picking up the cleaning supplies and signing. God this is so annoying but, at least it feels like home.

As she turned around a girl stood there smiling. Reine let out a small squeak. "Hi!" This girl's voice was very... high? "Your work for today is done. I'll take over for now." Take over? "You must be so tired after so much work". I cleaned one room. "Reine." Alexander stepped in wearing a dark grey shirt and some pants. "Come with me and eat" he said with a grin.

Trailing behind him Reine was wondering what the hell was going on? She walked into the kitchen and saw a lady and the man Alex was talking to. "Dio mio"! The lady was coming towards her with her arms open. Before she reached Reine, Alexander pulled her aside and started to whisper in her ear. The whisper gradually grew louder.

Alexander turned around "Reine this is our-my grandmother Rosaline and my brother Oliver. Crap I almost our grandmother. Alexander awkwardly stood there acting like he didn't say the word our. While Oliver was glaring at him.

"Come Reine, please sit down and eat. Alexander tells me you like pancakes. '' Three pancakes were put in-front of her. Reine blushed and said "Thank you."

"Such polite manners. Why can't the men in this family be like you". Lol what? Oliver and Alexander both had an annoyed look on his face. "Reine please call me nona. You remind me of my granddaughter".

"Ok, if that's what you want." This is so awkward. Oliver cleared his throat "you better eat quickly we have lots of things to discuss."


Miles away from the house Antonio sat in his office drinking his life away. A picture stood in-front of him. It was his wedding picture with his "ex"-wife Valentina. He saw the smile on her face but he knew it was fake. He was the one who took her happy smiles away. Antonio could never forgive himself. Antonio knew he didn't love his wife. That changed when she ran away. Some part of Antonio finally realized he loves her even though he was cruel to her.

He missed the birth of his baby girl. He wasn't there to hold her. Tears started to well up in his eyes. Grabbing the picture frame he kissed Valentina's face. "Please come back to me my love".

Outside of the door Christian could hear his father sniffling. This was probably a thing that would happen once a week. Christian missed his mom terribly. The day she left his heart broke. This family would never be the same again. Christian wished she was here so they can be a happy family. He wanted to be a big brother again. He always wanted to be his baby sister's favorite brother even though he never met her.

Walking away from the door, he thought to himself "When will everyone just be happy again."


Reine sat in the kitchen, not saying a word. They want me to live with Alexander and Oliver!!! No way! They talked about how Reine will live with them and when she'll move. I wanna go home. You know what I don't care anymore I'm gonna make a run for it.

The kitchen door opened and in walked in a very handsome man. He had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. The beard on him made him even more attractive but, he looked like he was in his 40s.

"Reine this is our-my uncle Angelo." Alexander messed up again and the glare from Oliver wasn't helping. Crap I'm gonna die. "Hey, it's nice to meet you." "It's nice to meet you too." Just like everybody here he had a thick Italian accent. Suddenly a plan started to form in Reine's head. They were talking to like the know her. Yes, gain their trust and run away. It's a brilliant idea.

Rosaline came over and gave multiple kisses to her son. This is so awkward. Picking up a glass of water and slowly taking sips. "When is she moving in." Angelo's voice was so deep and rough that it made Reine jump. Which resulted in her to drop the glass all over her body and spilling water everywhere.

All 4 of them rush towards Reine with tissues. "I'm s-sorry I-I didn't m-mean it". Reine was scared of what they are going to do to her. "Piccolo it's ok, you don't have to be scared." Reine was a blubbering mess and she was about to cry. "Reine come with me so we can get you out of that awful uniform." She followed Alexander out of the kitchen.

They finally made it to a room. Alexander knocked on the door. Waiting for a bit the door finally opened revealing Nicole. "Mr. Giovanni how can I help you?" "Reine is wet give her some clothes. I'll be waiting outside." Reine walked into the room and the door behind her shut. "Oh my god what happened?" "I spilled water on myself." Ignoring Reine she walked into her closet. "Here, these don't fit me anymore they'll probably fit you." A light pink blouse some dark jeans and a tank top were given to her. Walking into the bathroom Reine took off her heels and quickly change into the outfit. The blouse was a bit loose but the jeans fit perfectly.

She stepped out of the bathroom and was about to put the heels back on but, Nicole stopped her. "Wear these it will be more comfortable." Reine took the pair of flats out of her hand and put them on. Nicole went to open the door to let Alexander come in.

"We have to leave now or we will be late." "Late for what?" Alexander looked at Reine then left without answering her questions. Confused, Reine looked at Nicole who just shrugged her shoulders. "Bye and thank you for the clothes."

"No problem."

Reine walked quickly to catch up the Alexander. What are we going to be late for?


Alexander was waiting for Reine at a door. When she came next to her he opened the door to the garage. There was so many cars and they looked expensive. "Come on Reine." He led her into a black car opened the door for her and she climbed in. He closed the door while she put on her seatbelt and jogged towards the other side.

"Where are we going?" Alexander looked towards Reine and smiled. "To your new house." Huh

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