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After a few days in the hospital to be watched, Niall moved back in right before Thanksgiving. His parents were very unsure of it but were happy to know that he'd be surrounded by people constantly. He had also promised to stay in touch with them all the time.

"It's so good to have you back." Liam said, hugging Niall.

"It's good to be back. I'm sorry about all that shit before. I never wanted to hurt any of you."

"Don't apologize, Niall. You're okay and you're back here with us. That's all that matters to us." Harry told him, "We missed you and we're happy to have you back home."

"Even if it means Zayn and Louis stay away for a while?" Niall asked.

"Thanksgiving is tomorrow so they're not going to be away for a while." Liam chuckled, "So we have about twenty four hours with just each other before Zayn and the weirdo come back."

Harry smiled, "Lets make the most of the most normal twenty four hours we have had since meeting Louis and Zayn."

"You mean Louis." Liam joked, "Zayn is a lot more normal than Louis is."

"I'm not going to argue on that." Harry laughed.

They spent their day watching movies and eating junk food but Harry and Liam were always talking to their boyfriend. They both made sure not to have their phones in their faces but never took too long to reply. Their time spent together was needed and they all realized how much in those hours but they also made sure to have Niall involved in everything they did when Louis and Zayn were around.

StylishStyles: i'm in bed. i can talk more lol.


StylishStyles: you will see me tomorrow darling.

TopTommo: i miss cuddling you and waking up to your ass. 😢😢

StylishStyles: you're awful.

TopTommo: my dick misses your ass and mouth!!

StylishStyles: lol my dick misses nothing because you barely give it attention.😩

TopTommo: excuse me? i give you amazing blow jobs.😠😠

StylishStyles: amazing yes but not frequent. You're more obsessed with eating my ass then fucking me. 

TopTommo: tomorrow on thanksgiving i'm going to give you a blowjob that you will be thankful for for years to come. you'll be telling our grandchildren how their grandpa sucked your dick good and hard.❤

StylishStyles: i will not tell them that!! and neither will you!!

TopTommo: but you think we're going to get married and have children?? awh, baby. i can't wait to be your husband!😍

StylishStyles: you're a moron lol.

TopTommo: but you love me so shut up.

StylishStyles: you shut up.

TopTommo: put your dick in my mouth. 😀

StylishStyles: i'm going to bed before i get horny. goodnight, baby. i love you and i'll see you tomorrow.

TopTommo: goodnight,angel! see you tomorrow my love. i love you more.

Harry couldn't stop smiling. Though Louis was consistent in his life now and an everyday presence he would never get used to the fact it was all because of KIK. A stranger was now the love of his life and he didn't know how to or if he'd ever get his mind wrapped around that. But he was the happiest he had ever been and he would never ask for anything or anyone else.

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