I saw you there and my blood ran cold

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         It was the day of presenting our project to see if it had enough potential to win and be presented in the Bahamas. I had been working at home with Ariel. He could sense there was something happening with me, and I just wanted to talk about it to be honest. "Man, what's up? We're almost presenting out proposal!" Ariel said. "Yeah, I know, but I need to go to the bathroom first. I'm nervous." I added. I was anxious, freaking out, etc. I needed to be the best in class with my eco-friendly proposal to save endangered places, animals, etc. I headed to the bathroom and saw the two girls. I saw them there and my blood ran cold. The iPhone one whispered something to the other one and went inside the girl's bathroom. The other girl was alone, and I knew that was my chance to talk to her. All of the sudden somebody pushes me towards her. "What the fuck is your problem?" I said to the boy who pushed me. It was the same man I had seen with these girls previously. "Sorry, are you ok?" I said to her... it was the first time I would ever say anything to this girl. "Yeah" that's it. That's all she said. "What's happening here?" The iPhone girl said as she was leaving the girl's bathroom. "He pushed me towards her" I said while pointing at the boy who pushed me. "Well, I think you should apologize, Mary, listen to his apologies" the iPhone girl said. I was so nervous. "But.. eh.. ok." The picky one said. "I'm sorry this stupid asshole pushed me towards you, but I'm not sorry I could talk to you" I told her. I was glad that had happened to be honest. She was quiet! I needed her to say something. "Ok, no problem." That was it! Really? All of this time waiting to talk to her and she just says "ok". "Ugh" the iPhone girl said.  *iphone girl speaking in French to the picky one* the picky one left the place to go with the boy who pushed me. "look, I don't know who you are, where you live, or what you study, but my fiend has seen something in you. Are you that dumb not to notice she feels for you?" The iPhone girl said. I was shocked. "What? What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean that you're a dumb kid who doesn't realize when a girl is crushing over him that her friend had to make her other friend crash with him so that they could finally talk... get it?" She said. "Not at all... wait a minute... you set this up? That's what you are trying to say!"I said. I felt so stupid I was played. "Duh... look she just wants to talk to you cause she thinks you're nice. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but she likes you man. She has since the moment she saw you. Now the thing that you have to do is go to the cafeteria at lunch, sit with us, and I will introduce you as my friend. By the way, what's your name? and what are you studying?" She said to me. Dam it, she's intimidating. "Well, I have no idea that she liked me too. I like her, and my name is Rodrigo. I am studying biology, and I should be going right now because they have to present something! I will see you at lunch, bye." I said and headed back to the classroom. Ariel was at the front of the class... and he was presenting our project. I tried to join but the professor told me to stay away. that was my damn project, and I was staring at how my best friend stole it from me. I just sat down and looked at him... I was so fucking angry that I wanted to kill him! He finish the presentation and went back to the desk; I couldn't say a word to him for stealing my project. The professor called me to present my project next, and I told him that Ariel had presented it already. The professor told me I needed to show a new project for the next day, and I had no fucking idea what I was to present after seeing my friend stealing everything from me. I was glad that I could finally have the chance to talk to the girls at lunch. Though I wanted to kill Ariel.

     "Rod, what is happening? Are you mad?" Ariel asked "Mad? Are you fucking joking right now! You stole my project, and said it was yours. Now I have to come up with any concept for my project and present it tomorrow thanks to you! You fucking ambitious bastard. I don't ever want to see you! You're Just like that whore! You just look for things that interest you; you just take vantage of people without caring of hurting their feelings. I'm sick and tired of all your bullshit and I hope that you lose with my project because you don't deserve to win." He was speechless after everything I said, I was not going to tolerate whatever bullshit he was about to say, so I headed to the cafeteria to meet the girls.

         As I was walking to the cafeteria, I saw the iPhone girl staring at me. She raised her hand and waved to make me know she was there! I went to her table and greeted everyone. I could feel their eyes staring at me, it was weird... I wanted the ground to swallow me because I was not ready for everything that was going to happen.  My hands were shaking, I was sweating, I felt something down my throat, and I couldn't help it but smile. "Hey, you made it. Guys, this one is my friend Rodrigo. " She said and introduced me. Her friends noticed right away that she was lying because I wasn't her friend. "These are my friends" she said and pointed at each of them. "This is Marie, the girl that you...well you know the story"she said, and stood up with the rest of the girls from the table. "Hi, how are you?" I asked her. I was so nervous by having her right in front of me "Fine, Thanks." Ok, here we go again... she doesn't wan to talk. "Look, I don't know what Erika told you, but there's something I want you to know..." I told her. "Ok" she said. "I saw you... I've been seeing you since the first day I came to classes, I know it's kind of weird because you don't know me. I know this may sound crazy, but I want to get to know you." I told her. There was my manhood. "Ok, now  Listen to me. We have seen you as well for quite a time, and I have developed something for you. I know this is crazy as well, but I never thought I will have the guts to say this specially to a boy... Especially to someone who is practically younger than I am. Look, I'm in my last year here at the University. Are you conscious that you are way younger than I am?" She said. I was in shock. "I'm 18, what's age? Just a number right." I said to her. I was smiling, but I think that made her nervous. "Oh, yeah... I'm 20 though... But here we are in different years. You have no idea the connection I feel between us, I don't know if this is going to work. I'm not asking you to marry me because I don't want to marry... I just want to get to know you as much as you  want to get to know me" She said. Oh my God. That was exactly what I needed to hear. "That Sounds great to me! Now, can we start all over? Hello,  My name is Rodrigo. I am 18 years old, and I love animals, plants, and many other things. I like meeting new people because that shows me that every person is a world" I said to her... I was so happy. "That's pure bullshit" the iPhone girl came back to the table. "Ok, it is my turn I believe... I am Erika, I am 24 years old, I love men, money, and cock. I also love treating people badly, and sometimes... Just sometimes I tend to be a bitch. I don't know how this one likes you, but if she likes you, there is nothing I can do" The iPhone girl said. I wanted Mary to give me her answer to be honest. "Well. I think it's my turn... I'm Mary, I'm 20 and I love Hush Hush. I also love dogs and pandas. My favorite flowers are tulips. They just make me happy" she added. I knew more about her that I expected. We were having such a wonderful afternoon getting to know each other when suddenly Heidi showed up.

         "Hey Shaggy, I heard you have to present your proposal tomorrow... need some help?" She said. "No, thanks Heidi, I'm cool with it" I told her sarcastically. "Too bad, I was willing to help you, bye love" she said. I could see Mary's face while she said "love" Ugh... I hated that one. "What project?" Mary asked me. "Ariel took credit for my project. I need to present it tomorrow again... we'll, a new one" I told her. "Sorry to interrupt, but I think I know someone that can help you with that" Erika Added. "Oh, no... not him Erika" Mary told her. We went to the engineering department and talked to one of the professors from that place. Apparently it was someone Erika was banging hard and long... that was what Mary said. He gave me a new idea of an invention to present the next morning. I had no idea how to pay him. "Erika, I don't know how to thank you and him..." I told her. "Don't worry Rodrigo, she will pay him... body and soul" Mary Said. "Haha, you're funny... but right as well" she kissed the man and we went back to the cafeteria.  I couldn't believe everything that had happened that day. I was ready to be Mary's and Erika's friend... specially Mary's! Erika freaks me out. It's unbelievable that I no longer call them "the iPhone girl and the picky one" anymore. It's so good to have new friends... though, to be honest... I want to become more than friends with Mary.

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