Chapter One

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Duncan McCarthy ^^^

Duncan had his shoulder leaned against a pay phone window with his hood over his head as he dialed his parents number. It rung...Once... Twice... Three times.

"Hello?" The voice that came from the phone belonged to his mom. The voice was sleepy and weak, she'd just woken up. He couldn't bring himself to speak. Duncan had just wanted to hear the voices of his family. It's been four months since they became wanted criminals.

"Hello?" Duncan's mom asked again. Then the woman's breathing caught. "Duncan?"

Duncan's heart pounded.

"Baby, if that's you please come home. We'll figure this out." Duncan's mother says frantically.

Duncan hesitated. "I can't." Then he hung up and stepped out of the phone booth. His friends were seated in a large van that they'd saved from a junk yard two months ago. Duncan got in the passenger seat and wiped his wet eyes. His best friend, Sammy, patted his shoulder and started the car. The girls — Wren, Daisy, Ari, and Lauren — had fallen asleep, considering it was around four in the morning they all needed a good rest.

"Get some sleep Dunc, I'll wake you if anything happens." Sammy says sympathetically.

"I'm wide awake buddy." Duncan says and sighs. "Is it always going to be like this? Taking driving shifts, sleeping in the back of a cold van."

"I don't know mate. Nothing will ever be normal for us." Sammy mumbled.

He was right. Duncan had known Sammy for three and a half years and they rarely had a normal week. If they were lucky they'd get one or two normal days. Duncan's best friend was a vampire and so was Ari, his girlfriend was a banshee werewolf, and he and his sister couldn't touch hands without making some weird glowy explosions. Sammy's girlfriend was something none of them truly understood Daisy's abilities. She's only really used them twice.

"I've been thinking of something." Sammy says and glances in the rearview mirror to see if the girls were still sleeping.

"Which is?" Duncan asks curiously.

"If Miss Drake survived Wren's banshee scream two years ago, then what exactly happened to Susie Fuego?" Sammy asks and Duncan caught his breath. He'd forgotten all about Susie. Susie was Miss Drake's favorite student, then her little vampire pet. They thought she'd died along with Miss Drake, but if Miss Drake survived...Maybe Susie did too.

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