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Chapter Four | Creep On Me

February 2016

On the week of Adela turning one month old, Eirene had a get together with all her female family members at her place. Beatrice, Eugenie and Kitty were there, as were Trinity, Catherine and the kids. She had prepared a some finger foods, along with a refreshing strawberry lemonade juice.

"Oh my God, when did she get so big!" Beatrice exclaimed, taking hold of Adela.

"It's incredible how fast they grow." Eirene replied smiling.

"Charlotte is walking now practically walking and starting to babble a few sounds. I can hardly believe it!" Kate confessed it.

"How's Adela?" Kitty asked.

"She's been good. Very observant of her surroundings, which must all look like a big blur to her. She smiles a lot too." Eirene said chuckling.

As they sat together, with Beatrice still doting on her goddaughter, they chatted away about work and family but there was no escaping from the ultimate matter.

"So, Eirene when are you planning to start dating again?" Trinity asked and everyone's heads turned to face Eirene.

"Never." Eirene answered.

"Eirene, you cannot stay single forever." Kitty said.

"I'm not, but for now I'm focusing on Adela and my obligations." Eirene said.

"That's fine but remember you can't be alone for the rest of your life." Eugenie said.

"I know, but I just need time." Eirene said.


During the evening, Eirene returned home to Adela and the newly nanny that she hired. Eirene entered the nursery and found Adela in her crib she looked blissful to be there, eyes closed and breathing evenly, which made Eirene beamed at the sight.

Eirene running her fingertips gently on her daughter's cherub cheeks. As if sensing her mother, opened her eyes and stared at her.

"Hey baby girl." Eirene whispered lovingly. " Have you been good to nanny April?" She asked and the baby made a few noised with her mouth, then scrunching her nose, which made her laugh. She kept on gurgling and moving her head until she began to fuss.

Eirene picked up Adela and moved over to the chair nearby, and placed her on her lap, and April handed her a bottle.

"April, thank you for watching her today. If you want you can leave for the rest of the day." Eirene said.

"Thank you, Eirene." April said walking out of the nursery.

That was when a knock came from the door and in came her assistant, Melody. She smiled as she noticed the little bundle in her arms.

"Good evening, Your Royals Highness." Melody said.

"Hello, Melody." Eirene said.

"Eirene, I just wanted to let you know your father called and he said he wants you and Adela to stay a few days at Clarence House." Melody said.

"Do I have an option?" Eirene asked.

"No." Melody answered.

"Then let's get packing." Eirene said as Adela finished her bottle and turned to look at Melody and smiled.

"Awe, she's precious." Melody said.

"Yes, she is." Eirene said as she wiped Adela's mouth and then laid her against her shoulder to burp her.

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