The Threat

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Alex's dream:

Alex was back with The League, in the same cage she was before and she was in the same sitting position, in fact everything was the same  expect it was darker then before and creepier but as usual she was alone that was until she heard someone at the door. She could hear them type in the code, 067450, then it opened to reveal someone that mildly resembled Mike. What the hell was he doing here, when she was actually at The Leagues she hadn't seen him, maybe this was someone trying to tell her something, Alex and Chubs had figured out, that her being purple, could mean that she has some orange characteristics in her. Mike didn't say anything he just walked to in front of the cage, the same spot where Dr Cate Connor and Rob Meadows had stood on the same day she had escaped only to get yourself into a bigger mess. After a few seconds of silence, he finally spoke up. "This isn't a dream Alex, I came to tell you, that although you may have escaped our custody and then escape your father doesn't mean you are safe from us. We're coming for you, we're  coming for all of you. You may think you can protect them because you're a purple, well let me tell you this, you can't safe them and yourself at the same time in fact you can't even safe them. We have recently developed a way to block your powers, meaning you and your precious friends will join us whether you want to or not. We will find you and when we do, you will wish you were dead. Enjoy your last few days of freedom because when we find you there will be no escaping, not this time," Mike said, then he left and the door closed and locked behind him and Alex was alone. 

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