chapter forty-six ; granite slate

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april. 2011

Five months.

Five months had passed since Finn skipped town with the help of Chosen Jacobs. In fact Chosen was the only person to see Finn in person during those five months.

Finn was staying in a small log cabin that was hidden in the forests of Salina, Kansas. He was about ten miles away from the nearest town and he wasn't able to actually go into the town as it was too much of a liability.

He didn't have a computer, internet, or a cellphone. All of those things were too dangerous. Those items would allow the possibility of someone tracking Finn thus leading to his arrest and demise.

The only entertainment he had was a radio, a small television set, and Chosen would bring him a stack of newspapers every month. He'd been forbidden to even go outside his small house. It was an extremely boring life he was being forced to live.

Finn had quickly became the target of a nation wide manhunt ever since the story broke of him tricking his uncle, his uncle's death, his multimillion dollar empire, and a few more details of the case. He was on the FBI's most wanted list and he was a bit of an internet sensation.

The students at his highschool were thoroughly terrorized. They never thought that stupid ol' Finn could be capable of something so heinous. They simply thought of him as the "loner kid". None of them imagined him becoming a criminal mastermind.

Fortunately Millie was able to stay out of the spotlight. She'd done an excellent job at hiding her tracks and nobody knew a single thing about her. Finn would watch the news for hours at a time waiting to see something about Millie but he never did.

He was glad that she was able to escape the police search however he didn't know if she escaped Joe's gang. He had a strong feeling that she was dead in a ditch somewhere and it broke his heart.

A sudden knock was heard at Finn's front door. He turned off his television set and slowly got up out of his chair. He walked over and opened the door to reveal Chosen Jacobs. Chosen was carrying a very large box of supplies.

Chosen visited every one of his clients every month to give them necessary items and see how they were doing. He really did care about the general wellbeing of most of his clients.

Finn simply went back to his chair while Chosen placed the large box on a table in the livingroom. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and decided to grab a bottle of water out of the small refridgerator.

"How're you holding up?" Chosen asked the curly haired young man. Finn grunted and shrugged. He thought it was quite obvious that he was doing horribly.

Chosen sighed and pursed his lips. "I'm a few months late but happy birthday. Number twenty at last."

"Will I ever get to leave this place?" Finn questioned while gazing out the window. There was a light layer of snow on the ground. It was a sight that he'd never seen in New Mexico.

He did like Kansas, what he'd seen of it anyways which wasn't very much. it was quite a beautiful place with lots of incredible scenery.

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