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The doctor gets shocked when Manik punches the person and even more shocked when Manik takes that person in a friendly and brotherly hug.

"Where the hell were you for so many days and why the hell are you so late bro?  Did I not ask you to come a week before? Such a jerk you are. I so wanna kill you will right now. But anyways better late than never...Finally you're here. I can't explain how relieved I am after seeing you bro"

Manik again takes him in a warm hug and as soon as he breaks the hug before the person can say anything the doctor comes to them and interrupts their bromance🙈😂😂 and speaks before the other guy can speak a word he speaks.

" I'm glad that you guys already know each other really very well. It's gonna be more helpful in Nandini's case."

"Nandini's case? What case? Manik..what's wrong?" The guy asks confused.

"Even I've no idea. Me and Nandini just met him few minutes back and he said that Nandini's Typhoid was now coming in control and now.....

"Manik......It's just not about her Typhoid. It's something else too. We had observed her the whole time when she was here in hospital and we guess even you might have noticed that she's disturbed and weak. Not just physically but mentally and we should know the reason why so that we will be able to help her properly and that too in time."

"Mentally?  Doc. what do you mean by that?"

"I think she's undergoing some mental stress. Something might be there that's been stressing her. But I'm not sure about it so I called Dr. Aryamann Khurrana one of the best shrink (psychiatric or a counsellor) from our hospital and as you guys already know each other so it's gonna be even more comfortable for Nandini too."

"Yeah doctor. Even I've noticed that Nandu is behaving quiet weird and is zoning out frequently. She isn't her usual self anymore😣"

"Manik...we need to talk I guess."   Aryamann said.

"But yeah... there was certain behaviour of Nandini that our Nurse noted about Nandini.... (The doctor tells them about Nandini's behaviour that they'd noted and also about the one when that nurse handled Nandini.)

"Before this takes any serious turn I guess we should start solving this. We shouldn't delay any further."

"That is why I'd called you Dr. Aryamann."

Aryamann just slightly nods with a serious looks on his face.

After the conversation with the doctor Manik and Aryamann go to the parking where Nandini was supposed to be waiting for them. A d when they reached there they saw Nandu sleeping in the passenger seat of the car. They looked at each other and passed a smile.

They silently enter the car and drive back to Nandu's place. Before going to Nandu's place Manik drops Aryamann at his home as he insists to go home, freshen up and change but he promises to come back to Nandu's place as soon as possible. And finally MaNan reach back to Nandu's place. Nandu was still sleeping peacefully as Manik was driving slow and smooth but now as they were already at Nandu's place Manik didn't know what to do and what not. As for now he got to see Nandini sleeping peacefully after so long and he didn't want to disturb her and snatch away the peace from her face and his heart❤

So he silently picked her up in his arms and made his way inside the home.  He climbed through the stairs and entered the bedroom and silently placed her in the bed and only then Nandu stirred in her sleep. Manik tried to calm her down and hummed a melody in her ears. He moved away and the photo frame that placed at the side table fell down because of the movement which broke Nandu's slumber and Manik cursed himself for this.

Nandini looks at the surrounding surprised.

"Manik....we? Here? I mean how?"

"When I was back at the parking you're fast asleep. You were sleeping so peacefully after so long that too without the medicines and I didn't want to snatch away that peace from us. So I drove us back home slow, steady and smooth and carried you till here but thanks to me I broke it myself."

"Hey Manik. Not a big deal. See you tried your level best no. And anyways I wouldn't be sleeping the whole day right? I would have woken up later. Not a big deal. Relax."

"Are you relaxed Nandu?"

"What....what do you mean Manik?" (While deep down her heart knew what exactly did he mean.) She asked not meeting his eyes.

"You know what I mean Nandu. But if you still insist to not understand then lemme make it clear to you in clear and simple words. What is it that is bothering you? And don't you dare lie to me because I know you in and out."

"Manik there's nothing" she said looking everywhere else but at Manik.

"You're not your normal self Nandu. Why are you even trying to act? Why are you trying to act strong when deep down all you want to do is cry your heart out? Why are you hurting both you and me? Why are you stressing both of us?"

And before he continues further Nandini stops him by kissing him. Manik is shocked by the sudden kiss but he feels good and responds soon. Nandini breaks the kiss in need for oxygen.

"You've started talking too much Manik. I had to shut you up."

"If you'd shut me up like this for every time I talked then I'd never stay quiet." He replied her with a wink.

"Now lemme rest."

Saying this she pulled a quilt on herself and acted to take rest while Manik nodded his head and left the room with a small smile on his lips.


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