Chapter Thirty-Three: All I think about is you.

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Chapter Thirty-Three: All I think about is you.

Thursday noon.

LYDIA smiled as she walked into Freya's apartment. She hadn't seen her since the hospital but knew that with exams coming up she'd be studying.

"Freya?" The brunette called out, scrunching up her eyes brows trying to figure out where her friend would be.

And then she heard her. A snore. Chucking, Lydia scribbled a few words on a piece of paper and kissed her head before leaving her dorm.

Once she shut the door behind her, her phone rang with George's contact name flashing across her screen.

"You never told me what to pack," she heard George sigh through the phone. Of course, he'd stress over this.

Shaking her head, Lydia couldn't help but laugh, "George, you stress over the smallest details but I'll give you a hint. Pack a few jumpers and t-shirts."

Then she hung up, knowing if she said anything else she'd give everything away.


Angie's face popped up on his laptop screen, a grin on her face like always. George's heart couldn't help but break a bit knowing his sister was miles away from him. I'll see her in a few weeks, it'll be okay.

"Hey, Angie. How's everything at home?" As George asked the question, the nine-year-old's grin fell into a frown.

Confused, George was about to ask what was wrong but Angie was one step ahead, telling him exactly what was wrong. "I can't tell you," Angie whispered before his computer screen went blank.

She'd hung up on him.

"George?" Lydia called out, holding a bag full of snacks and drinks in the living room.

Running out to Lydia, George ran a hand through his blond hair. Pushing his sister into the depths of his mind, he motioned to his suitcase.

Biting the inside of her cheek, Lydia broke out into a smile at the adorable guy in front of her.

The guy she wished to spend the rest of her life with.


I'm so lonely.


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