24.The Seven

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Ryder had woken up Athena early the next morning to join him as he went to the Healer's Ring to see Lillian and her family.

"She is a little shaken, but alive. I am so glad, I can't thank you enough Athena."

Athena simply smiled as they walked into the Ring, only to be stopped by Aurora as she quickly checked Athena's vitals to see if she was fine. Ryder didn't let her stay for long as he pulled to the room where Scarlett and her family were kept.

Knocking thrice, he entered before waiting to hear any form of acknowledged. Athena just rolled her eyes and followed him into the well lit room.
Two beds filled the room, one near the window and the other near the wall adjacent to it, along with a small table beside the one near the window. Two chairs were kept nearby the bed, one occupied by Scarlett and the other empty.

Lillian, a brunette with hints of gold in her hair, lay in the bed near the window, pale and weak. As both of them entered, Scarlett looked up, happiness and fear dancing in her eyes.

Athena knew that that fear was directed at her, so she tried to give the little a girl a small smile to make her feel more comfortable.

"Hello, little one. How are you feeling?" Athena asked.

The child refused to answer her as another voice, weak but annoyed whispered from beside her.

"Stay away from her, Your Highness." Lillian whispered, her brown eyes hard and angry.

"Lillian, she is the one that saved us all. You should be thanking her that all three of you are alive." Ryder tried to reason with her.

"It's true, Lill." Cyrus began as he walked into the room "Its not her fault that this happened. According to Illineal..."

"Illineal was here?" Lillian gasped as she tried to sit up.

"You need to rest, so lie down Lill." Cyrus said as he moved towards her and gently pushed her down, fluffling up her pillows so that she could be more comfortable.
"Yes, Illineal was here. Not anymore. He was the one who was in charge of the attack, the one who wanted to take Ryder away, the one who knew that Ryder had a soft spot for Scarlett. What he didn't count on was her being there. And trust me when I say, we would've lost both Ryder and Scarlett if it wasn't for Her Highness."

Lillian's eyes darted between Athena and Cyrus, trying to take this all in.

"Its okay," Athena whispered. " I know how you feel. Once, not too long ago, someone I trust now threatened to hurt my family as well. I am just glad yours is fine and safe." She said as she moved towards Scarlett, sending quick glances at Ryder, and ruffled her hair.
Crouching down, she looked at her in the eye and said, " I hope you now know why we don't want you in this mess. Stay safe little one."

Getting up, she smiled at everyone in the room before leaving, the uncomfortable air in the room suffocating her.
Taking a deep breath, she looked around, making sure the Head Healer wasn't around before she sprinted across the halls to the door that lead to the maze outside.

Out. Thank Heaven's. The crazy healer said she did want me to have some potion as well, although she did mention it wasn't necessary. "Just to be safe" she said.

"Your Highness!" A call rang out from inside the ring.

Uh, that's my cue to leave. She thought as she ran deeper into the maze to get away before the Healer strapped her into one of her chairs.

Soon, she found herself among her people, everyone trying to go back to their old lives and some others taking care of the injured.

We won't be able to keep them safe like this.

Giving a small smile and a slight nod to everyone that passed her by, she began walking towards the meeting room as Ryder asked all the Alphas to assemble there for a quick gathering through the link.

She and Aria arrived there together, both of them still in battle attire, although Athena had shed the little armour she had, only to keep the robes she wore under it

"Your Highness." She said, bowing and slightly baring her neck, something she never did before.

"Uh, rise." Athena said, feeling highly uncomfortable. "You fought well, Alpha. We need to sit down and talk one day. I am really curious as to how you fight with these robes as it doesn't seem to be the best set of armour to wear into battle."

A melodious laugh sounded through the hallway. "Its is an anomaly, but yes, I will be more than glad to tell you, that is of course, if you don't get one for yourself first, Your Highness."

Smiling, Athena pushed the door into the room to find all Alphas and Ryder waiting for the both of them.

"Her highness, Queen Athena and Aria, Alpha of the 3rd quarter."
A voice, which Athena was sure was never there before, bellowed. Ignoring it but scowling nonetheless, Athena walked towards her place on the table, as did Aria, watching the everyone grow tense as she approached.

'Ryder, what's wrong?'

'They are just afraid of you, Athena." He replied, sounding very amused.

"The battle is won, thank you for all your help." A murmur of acknowledgment passed through the room. " In regard to the two things we discussed before, what is your say on making a council and me remaining queen?"

"A council is an excellent idea, your highness." Alpha Gracen spoke,

Alpha Damon rose from his seat. "And, we all want you to lead us, Your Highness.There would be no one worthy enough to take your place, we were wrong." He said, kneeling down and baring his neck, similar to what Aria had done.

All the Alphas quickly did the same and Athena felt the beast in her feeling content.

"Your Quarter's are lucky to have such caring Alphas. And I am lucky enough to have you in my council. "The Seven" have been formed. Take care of our people when I am away, or rest assured that I will have your head on a pike.


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