Chapter One: Nishinoya Slips Up?

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It was another boring day at school, (you) and (your friends name) decided to go watch the volleyball club practice, or rather your friends forcing you to go. You both gathered your things after class, and your friend grabbed your wrist pulling you down the hall and into the gym.

"(Friends name)-chan....I don't think this is a good idea." You whimpered, climbing the ladder to go to the viewing area.

"Huh? Why? I think it's perfectly fine! Plus there's this cute boy on the team! I really wanna watch him play!" She cheered, stretching her arms out.

You sighed, reaching the viewing area. You looked down at the court, it seemed to sparkle from the sun shining in. You yawned, waiting for the volleyball club members to arrive.

"Haaa! I beat you idiot!" A chirpy voice yelled from outside, making who ever lost growl.

"(Y/N) look they're here." Your friend whispered, pointing down at the gym floor as two boys walked in, one with orange hair and the other raven.

"Yeah. Oh, I forgot to ask (F/N)-chan, but which player did you like?" You asked curiously, tilting your head to the side slightly.

"He's the one with grey hair, Sugawara." She answered, leaning over the hand rail slightly to see if he was there yet.

The two boys already stared to sweep the floors, putting up the net and getting things prepped. Suddenly the orange haired boy noticed you and your friend.

"Uwah! Kageyama! Kageyama!" He giggled, running over to the raven haired boy. "Look look! There's some girls here! I wonder who they're here for!"

"Hm? Oh. Uh. I don't know, but don't let them distract you from practice. Idiot." He plainly said, turning his back to the girls.

After a few more minutes, males began to enter the gym, they all gathered up. And with a cheer 'osu' they began they're practice, which was a match. Your friend grinned, practically melting on the spot as she watched Sugawara.

"Nishinoya!" A player yelled, making you glance at the side of the court you were above.

There you saw, a shorter male with brown spiked up hair and a small streaking blonde in the middle. Standing on the court, ready for the receive. You smiled slightly, getting into the match, you leaned over the railing a bit. Making eye contact with the boy by the name of 'nishinoya'. You blushed slightly, but didn't budge from your spot. The ball hit the boys arms, the unexpected thing came flying. Right towards you.

"Watch out!" The male yelled, watching the ball fly up at you.

You yelped, but it was to late to dodge it now. The ball spun and hit you right in the face, sending you backwards and into the ground with a thump.

'What kind of receive was that? It hit me right in the face.' You thought to yourself, rubbing your cheek and sitting up. The world around you rang, faded voices talked, the room spun around you as you tried to come to your senses, you noticed right beside you was the same boy.

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