Chapter 38: Making Clothes

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The Old Jiang Madame had always been a follower of Buddha. After hearing what Jiang Ruan had to say, she said, "Eldest girl is right. Jiang fu is not a place where sympathy and kindness are absent. That someone would have her eyes dug out under your very nose does not speak well of you as the manager of the household. Since she is just an insignificant servant, there is no harm in assigning her to the eldest girl's residence. No matter what, the servant is also one of her people, so it's right to leave her to deal with the matter."

Jiang Ruan smiled and said, "Thank you, zumu."

Xia Yan was stunned, but quickly recovered and said, laughingly, "Since this is what Mother has decreed, I will not pursue the matter any further. However, when Jiang Ruan brings this servant into her residence, what will she have her do? Will the servant be assigned to dispose off the night soil there as well?"

Jiang Ruan could not hold back her laughter. "Mother worries too much! As Zhou momo is now a member of my residence she will resume her duties as a personal servant, just as she was previously."

Xia Yan's eyes flashed. "Ruan niang, you are an unmarried woman. It would not be good for outsiders to know that the personal servant by your side is blind."

"What's wrong with that?" Jiang Ruan continued, "Not everything in this world can be discerned just by outward appearances."

"That's enough," the Old Jiang Madame said with a touch of impatience. "Eldest girl is still young, she doesn't need to go out of her way to project a good image. As long as she is comfortable with the servant, it is fine. It is too early to worry about it now." She looked Jiang Ruan up and down, and frowned. "In a few days' time, the wife of Assistant Minister[1]Shen will be hosting a birthday banquet, and has issued a collective invitation to all of the young ladies from Jiang fu. You, as the mother, should not just concern yourself all day with the running of the Jiang fu. You should have arranged for this eldest girl to have new clothes already. Take a look, what kind of clothes is she wearing today? If others were to see her right now, they would say that our Jiang fu is mistreating our di daughter."

[1] Shi liang ( 侍郎 ) - An ancient official title, assistant minister. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the vice-president of one of the Six Boards.

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