Johnten 1

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Inspired by the song If These Sheets Were States by All Time Low. It's an amazing song, 10/10 recommend. It's not exactly based on the song, I just got the idea from it, haha.


The day:

NCT 127 was gaining a lot of popularity around the world and as a result, they were going on a three-month long tour across Asia, Europe and America. Ten hadn't been without Johnny for more than a few weeks so he didn't know how to react when he got the news. It'd been a month since he found out and today Johnny was finally leaving. Ten had hoped the day wouldn't come but it had come quicker than anticipated. "I'm going to be back soon, don't worry," Johnny smiled as he hugged Ten close to him.

"Three months is not soon!" Ten pouted as he looked up at his boyfriend, "that's a quarter of a year."

"Ok, well I'm sure that time will fly by," Johnny assured him as he kept a smile on his face and pressed a kiss to Ten's forehead.

"Aren't you going to miss me?" Ten asked with wide, sad eyes.

"Of course I am!" Johnny quickly nodded, "I'm going to miss you so much, but don't waste three months being upset, ok? You'll be fine."

"Ok," Ten said with a pout still on his face, "can't I come with you to the airport though?"

"There's no point, baby," Johnny shook his head, "the place will probably be full of fans so we couldn't say goodbye properly there. You might as well stay here, ok?" When Ten's pout still didn't leave his face, Johnny leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his boyfriend's lips. Ten immediately kissed him back and wrapped his arms around Johnny's neck. Ten really didn't want to let Johnny go and it was obvious. Eventually, they broke apart for air and Johnny sighed, "I'll miss you," he said and hugged Ten against his chest again.

"You too," Ten mumbled and breathed in his boyfriend's scent for the last time, "at least you left me a load of your hoodies to sleep in."

"I left nearly all of them because you made me," Johnny chuckled, resting his chin on top of Ten's head.

"Johnny, we've got to leave!" Taeyong shouted as he knocked on Johnny and Ten's door.

"Ok, I'll be there now!" Johnny shouted back. Ten let out a small whine and held onto Johnny tighter.

"It's not fair. Everyone has their boyfriend in the same subunit as them," Ten complained, pout reappearing on his face.

"I know, baby, but I've really got to go now," Johnny said and tried to pry Ten off him. It didn't work. "I love you and I'll call you every night. I'll even Skype you until you fall asleep, ok?"

Ten knew he was being selfish and that this wasn't Johnny's decision so he let go. "Ok...promise?" Ten asked, holding back tears. He didn't want to make it harder for Johnny but he couldn't help it. He was holding back his tears as much as he could.

"Of course," Johnny nodded, "I love you so, so much, Ten."

"I love you too," Ten felt himself choking up. The next three months weren't going to be easy.

Johnny picked up the handle of his suitcase before turning back to Ten and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. "Goodbye, baby."

"Don't say sounds so final," Ten frowned.

"Ok, I'll change it," Johnny chuckled, trying to brighten the mood, "I'll miss you lots, but we'll be back together before you know it."

Ten wrapped his arms around Johnny again and hid his face so Johnny couldn't see the tears that were beginning to spill.

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