Part 5

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P.S-past scenes in Italic font.. so there wont be a confusion....

"you know your dad could've been saved if he wouldn't have interfered that night.."

His comment sliced through her all over again while she was happily checking the few adoption applications that came up from beautiful families..

She sat there unknown of his presence but his voice made her stomach churn..

"I would've taken you out on a date and then in the same hotel..." He smirked "you know.." His smirk was devilish she felt like puking

"kiss bhi nai karne Diya buddhe ne" he remarked turning the paper weight on the table "thoda late aajata to.." His voice was filled with utter disrespect and she felt so low to even have feelings for him!.. But then she reminded her self.. felt the same flying butterflies when she cut the ribbon of the NGO built on her own.. Without any help.. It was his promise of helping her that made her feel she had something for him.. But all she had was the joy of opening the NGO even if it was with him!... She was ready to be with him as far as he was willing to help..


"tipsy!" She heard the voice which was now like a light to her dark thoughts.. He all over again dragged her out of the darkness with his mere call..

She turned her head to him.. Realizing she was holding his hand all over the ride without even knowing it.. When she tried removing her hand from his.. He entangled his fingers not letting her go...

He walked with her giving her the whole time in the world to settle down her thoughts..


He dragged the file from her hand...

"ahhh.. Adoption applications" he apprised "you know you have to be sure with the applicants.. There are a lot of cases of human trafficking..." The ugly smirk not leaving his face..

"they use kids to do many works.. " he kept on hitting her with his words...


Her grip on his hand went firm..

He just waited.. Waited for her to speak or respond.. But she flinched frequently,

'maybe remembering her past' He thought 'he will be patient.. But he wont let her go!' He promised gripping her hand more firmly..


"you will come with me to Mumbai.. I will do as I please and in return your family and your NGO is spared" he offered.. Rather traded her instead of the kids... She was disgusted... But given he had them... She nodded within seconds..

"I need to see the kids and my family before we move" she said in a breathe and lowered her head.. Hiding the fear and tears building in her eyes...


A tear rolled down.. Her eyes were blank.. She had nothing left.. She cant just go back to chennai and meet her family.. She has to look for the kids.. She want this virus Palash out of her life... she looked at a calm and composed Karan

'will you be my side?' Her eyes asked

'always' was his smile that replied proudly

Taking out his kerchief he wiped her cheek and forward it to her

"tumhari Naak beh rahi hai" he informed embarrassing her.. He was not leaving her hand.. "If you want I can do it for you!" He grinned teasingly and pinched her nose from the kerchief..

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