Caged animals (Raph x reader)

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(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i sat in the cell Shredder had thrown me in, i had stopped counting the months of being in solitude. i haven't eaten in 3 months, he stopped trying to get info out of me and just left me here to rot. "Here freak,k you get a cell nabor" Kari said chucking someone into the cell next to mine before leaving "BITCH LET ME OUT!!!" a fermiler voice screamed as the bars rattled "R-r-raph?" shit my voice cracked

Raph's p.o.v

"R-r-raph?" i recognized that voice any where "(Y/N)!!!" i rushed to the bars of the cell that separated us "look at me, please" i held my hand out trying to reach them, their small hand landed in mine "i don't remember your hand being so small" i said "t-t-they..." they stopped looking up at me with their perching (e/c) eyes "i was so worried about you, we all were" i whispered trying to bring them closer 

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

"o-ow!!" i hissed as he pulled me closer "they hurt you!!" his eyes turned pure wight as he pulled away and shook the bars "R-r-raph s-stop" i wispered. he snapped his head towards me and sat back down "did they find your t-phone?" he asked "h-h-hell no" i said as i pulled it out of my (bra/pants) and spun it "it's just dead...." i said handing it to him 

Raphs P.O.V

i pulled out my charge stick and plugged it into (Y/n)'s t-phone before sending out a distress message. "we're getting out of here" i sqeases their hand gently "i-im scared" they whispered "don't be" i moved their (h/l) (h/c) hair out of the way from their eyes "im here now, and they won't ever hurt you again" 

*******************time skip****************

Raph's P.O.V

i set (Y/n) down on the couch "want me to get you anything?" i asked only receiving a yawn as they curled up in a ball, i picked them up and started walking to my room "w-w-what are yo-" "shhh go back to sleep, you're ok" i cut them off and set them on my bed "b-b-b-" "it's ok" i layed the blankets over them, i was about to leave when i felt a hand grab mine "s-stay w-w-with me, p-p-please" they mumbled with a yawn "o-ok" my face was bright red, i layed down next to them, they curled closer and fell asleep "i love you" i said kissing their forehead before wrapping my arm around them and falling asleep hearing a soft "i-i-i love y-you to, R-raphy"


hey look who's back! im so so so sorry for not being on as much, i promise i'll be on more. leave your requests in my pm's, i will do my best to reply. 

by Loves-Marcellus

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