Chapter 54

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"Shit! They heard us!" Quill said, peeking around a corner. 

Everywhere they looked, demons were running around all saying the same thing. "Find the wolves!" They had to tread quietly, or else they would be spotted. 

The entirety of the lair felt like a labyrinth, always going in circles. 

"Why don't we split up?" Angus suggested. 

"Won't that make it easier for them to pick us off?" Daemon asked. 

"Everyone keeps their link open," Ezekiel ordered. "Daemon you're with me. Quill, Angus. If you find her first, just get out. Our priority is her safety." 

"What about you?" 

"I'll find a way out. Don't worry--"

"Ideally, no one dies down here," Quill interjected. 

Hearing his brother say that, the King sighed. "What he said. But we're all fighters here, don't let them take you down so easily." 

About to split up, the brothers shared a hug. Nodding at each other, they both feared that it would be the last time they saw each other. 


Zagan forced Aylin to change her clothes. She was to wear a white sleeveless dress, that flowed almost to the floor. He barked orders at the demons who were all looking for the wolves that infiltrated the lair. Every last inch of his sanity was gone, and he was going to forcibly take what was his. 

"It's almost time, my sweet," he cooed at her. 

"You're insane." 

Taking a lock of hair in between his fingers, Zagan smiled slightly. The goal he had set forth for himself was finally coming to fruition. Taking the one thing that meant the most to her, and shattering it. While destroying the Rogue King in the process. "I very well may be, but soon, you'll come to love me far more than you ever loved that wolf." 

"What's going to happen to me?" she asked, voice trembling. 

"Master, everything is ready."

Backing away from her, he followed the demon out. 

'Kaia, what now?'

'Mate is near.' Aylin could tell by her tone that she was restless feeling Ezekiel close by. 

'How close?'

'Right here!'

Hearing the masculine voice in her head, a glimmer of hope fluttered in her heart. Running for the door, it was violently kicked open, by none other than the King. "Aylin!" 


Gathering her into his arms, Ezekiel couldn't believe it. He found her, filling hole left behind. Kissing her hair, his large hands cupped her face. "Are you alright?" 

Pressing her forehead to his, her small hands covered his. "I'm alright." 

"I hate to interrupt your moment, but we have to get the fuck out of here," Daemon whisper-yelled. Looking around her mate, Daemon was standing by the door frantically whipping his head up and down both sides of the corridor.  

"Daemon? What are you doing here?"

"To get you, dummy. Let's go." The King growled at the Alpha. "Yeah, yeah. Growl at me later. Let's go." 

'Quill! Angus! I have her! Get back to the tunnel!'

The link was silent. 

'Quill! Answer me!'

Ezekiel's heart dropped when there was no answer. He stopped dead in his tracks trying to figure out what to do. Could he leave his brother and Delta behind in a lair overridden with demons? That was not a feasible option. "Aylin, keep going with Daemon. I have to look for Quill and Angus." 

"There's too many," she pleaded. 

"Take the Queen, and go. I'll find them, "Daemon said, interrupting. 

"This is insanity. None of us will make it out of here!"

A malicious laugh reverberated off the walls. "Listen to her gentlemen. The Queen is correct." 

The King and the Alpha sandwiched the woman between them. Out of nowhere, black mist surrounded the three. Before Aylin could grab onto Ezekiel's hand, she was taken away from the men. Demons encircled them, hissing and spitting. 

When Zagan materialized again, his hand was around Aylin's throat, holding her from behind. "And you thought I'd make this easy? Don't mistake me for a fool, Rogue King!" Growling, Ezekiel attempted to get through the demons, only to be thrown backward by Zagan's power. "Ah, ah! I don't think so. You took from me, and now I'm going to take from you." 

Several demons stepped forward with silver chains, binding the two. Their cries pierced Aylin's ears making tears fall. "Don't hurt them!" 

Squeezing her neck tighter, he whispered in her ear. "This is just the beginning." 

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