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All Taehyung could hear was his parents' bickering each other, not only once but almost everyday. He sat at the corner of room and hugged his knees, preventing himself from being a crybaby. Not even a single action he could do to stop his parents. The house was probably not even in peace anymore, he felt like in a disaster.

"I can't live like this any longer. We're over. I will take Taehyung with me. So you can live happily with other woman."

His tears streamed through his cheeks then wiped it right away as he heard his mom's words. He hid his face beneath his knees and sobbing harder as he could.

He tried to sneak out from his room and saw that Mr. Kim was about to slap his wife but Taehyung quickly interrupted,

"Stop it! I don't want to live neither with you nor with you." he pointed his finger to his mother then to his father.

Both his parents were just staring at their son in guilt. They probably intended to explain everything to him and calm him down but Taehyung was too hard to ease his anger.

"It's better to live alone than being surrounded by this horrible life. Both of you can just fuck off." he continued.

The atmosphere turned to chaotic, or to make it short, it's getting worse by the times. He just froze there, clinching his fist and biting his lips to hold the ache before he finally turned around and headed to the main door.

"Kim Taehyung! Where do you think you're going?!!"

Mrs. Kim tried calling him out, more to shouting as he's about to leave the house. He didn't turn back around even a second.

"You guys can just go to fucking hell."

The door slammed harshly, leaving his parents stunned. It wasn't the first time he did that, almost every single day.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck

Along his way to wherever his heart took him, his words were full of cusses. By then, he will blame himself for being his parents' son, clinching his fist tightly and about ready to punch everyone around him.

The sun almost set, he randomly walked through a park, which he had no idea that he would end up being there. Seeing a lot of people by the street boiled his anger even more. He just hate being crowding and his mixed feelings just make it worse.

He's only facing the road all the times with his hands on his pocket until then he felt something bumped onto him, unexpectedly. Slightly he turned around to see the person,

Damn, she's beautiful.

A small figure was laying on the ground in pain, cussing and glaring at him. He did force himself to give her help and seeking for apologize but he just being himself, egoistic.

He turned around again, facing his back to her and proceeded his walk. At last, he had nowhere to go but Hoseok's cafe.

"Oh, yah Kim Taehyung! It's been-"

"Fuck them, hyung." he said coldly.

Hoseok moved closer to him and patted his shoulder, "Whats wrong, huh? Parents again?"

"They will never stop." he clinched his fist, making Hoseok gulped. He know what's up with that clinching thang.

"Running from our problems doesn't solve anything bro." he convinced while his hand still rubbing Taehyung's shoulder in order to calm him down.

"You're not in my place, hyung. You will never know how hard it is. Facing the same shits everyday. It's better to just—die." he sighed heavily.

Hoseok knew he had been through hard times since childhood. He couldn't do anything besides convincing and cheer him up by bringing him to amusement park sometimes. Although it sounds cliché, as long as Taehyung could be happy, he wouldn't mind at all.

"I gotta go." Taehyung stood up from his seat, following by Hoseok's gaze. He excused himself after having a long deep conversation with Hoseok.

"Be careful, don't hurt yourself."

Taehyung nodded and faked a smile, again. It's already 7:15 p.m, and he had been walking all along his ways until he found a convenience store. He hasn't eaten yet since morning so he felt very hungry.

Both his eyes were looking around the store, still had no idea what to eat. He randomly sneak to all foods there and saw two packs of Ramen, with different flavour on the edge of the shelves. He can't choose between the two so he just grabbed both.

"How much is it?" he placed the ramens on the counter.

"₩3,200 in total, sir." the cashier replied with a smile.

He rubbed both his side pants and then into the pocket blankly. Afterwards, he did checking through all his body until he finally fed up and shut his eyes down. Pissed off.

"Goddamnit—I forgot to bring my wallet." he muttered under his breath.

"Mmm, sir?" the cashier waited for him patiently to make a payment.

Taehyung didn't reply him as he's in his own world, thinking on how to pay for his things. He ran his fingers through his hair and to his back of neck until a voice interrupted between him and the cashier.

"It's okay, I will pay for him."

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