The Apology

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Aasif's pov

I leaned against the pillar hating myself while looking outside at the weather the world was not doing too good a bad day for a bad weather I was contemplating on how I let my self go and stoop too low. The more I  looked at her on the bench in the garden my heart sunk deeper and a burning sensation took over my chest I didn't know what to do and was just rooted to the spot she hates my guts now I still didn't understand how a mere liquid could do so much damage.

I hated that the meeting was the main root of this and I found myself vowing never to go again I sometimes if not always hated the position of being the crown prince stress,work and all those  things you need to do I was so filled up I was tired but one thing kept me going I wanted to prove everyone wrong especially my father who thinks I was just made to cramp up his life.

I need to show them I can and I will but the only real thing now is to make the one true priority I have forgive me.

Zeera's pov

I sat on the bench with my clothes drenched I was wet to the bone but I didn't budge the fact of knowing the guy you are spending your  life with drinks!! MY inner voice was like" Wow just wow what else does he do". I was forced into this but that question always bugs me why Me? I was just sitting there having a normal life and this guy comes up and makes me his. He could have had any girl but Allah made our paths cross. All my life I put my trust in Allah and in this situation that's the best thing I can do.

Many question went through my head but I turned them away knowing the answer was far from simple. The rain had stopped falling on me but I could still hear it on the pavement and I felt a presence. I lifted my head ignoring the stinging pain from the water entering my eyes to see the last person I wanted to see his royal highness of jackass. I didn't recognise the emotion  that was overcoming me I was angry alright but I could sense something and I knew what it was fear I didn't know what I was afraid of was it him opening his mouth and saying horrible things saying things I will never wish to hear and later torturing me by  me seeing his face. I was tired but I sucked up the courage I pushed the fear to the deep depths of my mind.

"Go away" I said in a muffled voice. Great now I've got a cold.

"Zeera I'm sorry" he said

"I don't want to talk about it just leave" I said.

"I can't leave with you like this" he said. I didn't reply.

"I feel so ashamed that I showed my worst side to the best thing that ever happened to me I went days searching for that little piece that could complete my puzzle but every time I thought I found it I always was wrong but that day as I set my eyes on you I saw a creation the most beautiful I ever set eyes on and I kept rubbing my eyes and pinching myself thinking it was a dream or I was hallucinating and when I found out I wasn't I became so joyful.

To get to the point first day I say you I felt like you were meant for me and I was for you it was like a cosmic connection. Today I'm going to make you a promise to make you see that our marriage was not a mistake but a beautiful chapter that was opened and today I solemnly swear to be the best hubby to my little wifey". He said I looked at his and I could see the apology in his eyes and his words were laced with sincerity and truthfulness.

"Promise" I finally  said.

"Cross my heart and hope to die" he said. I couldn't believe I was doing this but forgiveness is virtue I pulled him into a hug even though I we were both drench to the bone  I felt warmth in his hands. Before I could protest Aasif carried me up.

I knew there was no point in protesting so I just snuggled my face in his chest as we walked down the corridor I could hear the foot steps of people  around us and their whispers as they tried to hide them. When we finally reached my room I got into some dry clothes and I came out to find Aasif also in dry clothes.

"How did you get dressed that fast" I asked

"I have a secret cloth stash in your room" he shrugged

"How?where?" I said

"Well if I tell you it wouldn't be a secret will it" he replied

I began to wonder were it was and was interrupted by Aasif.

"Are you hungry" he asked and before I could reply I heard a knock on the door I went over to get it. As I opened the door I saw a girl carrying a tray of food. She was about to come in but I insisted to help her she wanted to argue then Aasif spoke.

"Let her be give her the tray" he said in a commanding tone that no one could question. She handed the tray over to me and left.

"And you call me a grinch in fact your more like a scroog" I said

As I opened the covers I was hit by the hypnotizing aroma of the food and I saw that they were all my favourite dishes. I tasted one and it was so good.

"Almost as good as mama use to make qit" I said.

"Talking about mama don't you want to visit your parents" he asked

"I do i just thought you might be against it,and you know arguing with you is like telling a donkey to move when it doesn't want to" I said

"Are you calling me a donkey" he said with a dramatic face.

"I didn't say anything" I said in a hushed tone stuffing my mouth with the food.

"Anyway do you want to go tomorrow  "he asked. I looked at him shocked

"Is that too soon I mean we could go another time" he said

"No no no tomorrow's good in fact it's perfect I need to figure out what to wear" I said standing up from the bed before turning back" but first I need to finish this food" I said which made Aasif chuckle.

After finishing the food a maid came to take the plates away I laid down on my bed going through people's stories on snap chat and finally got tired and put the phone down,Aasif was watching a movie on his laptop so I decided to join.

"What are you watching" I asked in a  sleepy  tone while putting my head against his chest.

"Oh it's this great film by blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah......" those were the only words I heard before the mesmerizing sound of Aasif's heartbeat against his chest and the warmth of him being next to  me and the safe feeling of being near him took me away to dream land.

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