Yandere! Villain! Shoto Todoroki *Pt. Two*

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*Warning💫 this has a little mention of nudity. If you feel uncomfortable with that, please skip this chapter. Anyways, please enjoy!*

Shoto wrapped his scarred arms around his wife's bare body. She was soft, no flaws whatsoever, he loved it. She was sleeping, just like he thought. Just as he was about to fall back asleep, he heard a piercing sound erupt in the quiet room. He quickly turned around, grasping (Y/n)'s phone. He glared at the bright screen as its annoying sound violated his ears. He muted the sound, not wanting it to wake his tired wife. After it stopped ringing, he looked at the caller ID. The call was from his brother, Natsuo.
'Why was he calling her?' Shoto grumbled, he hadn't spoke to any of his family in years. Then the thought popped into his head.
Was she being unfaithful to him?
Shoto pushed that destructive idea out of his head.

"Meh, Shoto, why are you up?" (Y/n) was barely awake, but she feel him moving around in the bed. His eyes wandered to her form, admiring his view of her bare figure.
"No reason..." the man muttered, slipping her a kiss before sliding himself out of their shared bed.
Shoto made his way out of the room as she dozed off again.

She didn't notice him lock their door from the outside.

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