Yandere! Villain! Izuku Midoriya

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Sweet, she was just so sweet. She never doubted him, even if he had lied to her. To him, she was a miracle, no, she was an angel. Everyone but her had either called him names, told him he couldn't achieve anything, or said sorry. She did none of these things, she just sat and supported him all throughout his decisions. He loved her.
"Angel, I love you." This was something he said regularly to her. She didn't always answer him, sometimes she was sleeping. He knew that she loved him, she showed him many times before. So then why were you texting Kaachan?
She tried to tell him her reasons, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. He didn't want to hear it, he refused to hear anything about that blonde haired hedgehog.

"If you aren't loyal to me, you'll be hurt." This is what he said before chaining her to his basement.
"I didn't want to do this, (Y/n). But you left me no choice," he made his way up the stairs, cringing at the soft cries she made.

"When you decide to be a good girl, you can come up with me again."

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