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A/N: If you're unfamiliar with the song or scene in Dirty Dancing I refer to in this chapter, I'd listen to the song for what happens to make sense.

I've also included the scene from the movie at the end of the chapter.


"My sweet baby, you're the one"

Song: Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia


I sip on my ice coffee as I hum to the music playing from my phone, grabbing ingredients from the fridge with one hand and balance them under my arm to start some breakfast before kicking the door closed with my foot and strolling back to the counter.

I've decided that I'm just going to pretend yesterday never happened, I spent a good ten hours sleeping off my embarrassment and if there is one thing I'm exceptional in at life, it's avoidance and denial.

So as far as I'm concerned, this year has 364 days, because yesterday doesn't exist. It is the Voldemort of days and shall never be named.

I still can't believed he walked in on that, I probably traumatised the poor kid.

I glance at the empty coffee up in the sink and frown, Dylan came home after I was asleep last night and left before I woke up, she still hasn't said a word to me so I assume she's still annoyed with me, and while normally I'd grovel and apologise to her regardless if it was my own fault whenever she opted for the silent treatment, for some reason I feel no inclination to do that this time around.

Trying my best to not let the thought of it ruin my day, I place my coffee down and grab a spoon and knife from the drawer, and start cutting one of the avocados I'd retrieved from the fridge in half when I hear one of those songs come on that I can't help but turn up and sing a long too.

I turn the volume up on my phone, rolling my shoulders back and forth to the tune.

"Looooove, Love is strange, Lot of people, Take it for a game" I sing along shifting my hips back and forth.

I continue to sing bopping my head and grab the bread from the cupboard and plop it on the counter "Once you geeeet it, You never want to quit, no no, After you've had it, You're in an awful fix"


I lift my eyes up to Harry, who's leaning against the doorway of my office, his arms folded over his bare chest, his hair all wild from sleep and he's staring at me with an affectionate smile.

His voice sounds like syrup in the mornings, thick and heavy from just waking up - it's a beautiful sound.

I'm just going to ignore the fact he isn't wearing a shirt again, it shouldn't matter, I made damn sure I reiterated that to myself last night , thoroughly.

I return his smile from behind the counter, wiggling my shoulders at him in tune with the music "Morning sleepy head"

His sucks his lower lip under his teeth as his eyes light up while he watches me, pushing off the doorway and strolls towards the kitchen counter with his sweatpants low on his hips.

Don't look at his hips.

He saunters around the counter to stand next to me, leaning backwards against it on his hands as he continues to watch me dance animatedly to the music.

I can hear him humming along to the song as he watches me intently, and I smile wide to myself.

I love that he loves these songs as much as I do, and I don't even need to ask him if he knows the words because I know for a fact he loves Dirty Dancing almost more than I do.

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