Chapter 23

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Chaeyoung's POV

When I reach class, a lot of people started to rush to me.

"Chaeyoung oppa, this is for you..I made it myself.."

"Oppa...I like you, this is for you.."


Girls surrounded me as they started giving me gifts. Chocolates, roses, cards and so on.

"Oppa...You are so handsome.."

"Well, you are so beautiful.." I started flirting back with them as a joke

"I love you, Chaeyoung oppa.."

"Saranghae.." I smiled to her as I made heart shape with my fingers.

The girl fainted so I just walked back to my sit which was beside Jeongyeon. I saw Mina laying on the table facing down.

'What happened to her??' I asked myself

I looked to the other side to see Nayeon whispering something to Jeongyeon, worriedly.

"Do you know what happen to Mina??" I asked Jeongyeon after Nayeon was done with him.

"Err..No.." Jeongyeon said

The class continued like nothing happened although Mina looks like she wasn't feeling well, I didn't bother to ask her. As the class ended, I saw Mina packed her stuff quickly and ran out of the classroom. I stuffed everything in my bag as I chased her.

"HEYY..MINA..where are you going Mina??" I shouted

"What do you want??" Mina said in the cold voice

"Don't you want a drive back??" I asked

"I don't need it.." Mina said as she walked away.

I saw her got into Jeongyeon's car as Jeongyeon drove off.

'What's wrong with her??' I asked myself

Mina's POV

I walked towards Jeongyeon's car controling my tears. When I finally got in, the tears broke free.

"Why are you crying??" Nayeon asked

"I felt bad being cold to him.." I said softly

"He deserve it...He flirt with the girls even though we told him you are his girlfriend..He didn't care about you.." Nayeon said.

I stayed quiet on the way back home until I reached my house.

"Thanks for the ride.." I said to Jeongyeon

I showered before I sat on my bed and took out my phone. I went to my gallery as I scroll through all the good memories.

"Should I let you go?? You don't even remember me..I know I should wait...But it really hurts..I will wait for you for now..Please remember me like you promised. " I placed my phome over my chest as I drifted to dreamland.

The next day
(Still Mina POV)

I woke up with puffy eyes showing how much I cried yesterday..

'Arghh..Why did I cry so much..' I said to myself as I took a shower

I wore black since I wasn't in the mood. I opened my phone as I saw 1 text. And I know its not Chaeyoung..

No jam hyung

"Hey..Need a ride to school?"

"Yes please..Thanks hyung.."

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