Part 4

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It took a while for Karan to actually look for his car keys, when he reached the police station he saw Vishal standing at a side and Tripura was sitting with her hands nervously on her lap her head down...

It irked Karan but he took his seat besides her..

She lift her eyes just to get a glimpse.. Now she felt safe..

She was here for few formal questions... A guy was beaten by an actor and she was the reason for it, in further investigation it was clear that he was in some criminal activities that's the reason she was asked to come here.

He put his hand on her trembling ones

"Mr.Khanna aap please thodi der waha rukiye Hume inse kuch sawwal puchne hai" asked the inspector

"she is my wife as you know Inspector, whatever you have to ask, ask in front of me" he replied calmly making his grip on her hands firm..

Her cold skin turned a little warm with his touch and she looked in the eye of the inspector when he called her

"aapka naam"

"Dr.Tripura Su... Karan Khanna" she replied calm

"Doctor?" The inspector asked

"Am a specialist in human psychology.. I run a NGO for mentally abused children and treat them" her mention made him proud

"aapne kaha aap aur wo ladka, Palash dono sath the" he dig into her past making her shiver with the memories..

Karan was a spectator to the roller coaster of emotions she was going through within split seconds..

"aapka aur Palash ka rishta kya tha?" He kept on persuading

"We were together for a time.. Me shaadi karne wali thi usse" she gathered herself to speak

"Jo kal raat inhone roki" inspector further completed leaving a reactionless Karan

She nodded in negation.. "6 Saal pehle humari shaadi hone wali thi..." She paused and then continued when she felt Karan again giving her an assuring squeeze..

"Palash Sethi, Sole owner of Sethi Groups unannounced enters into our small village in the name of developing it..." A rage coursed through her at the way he showed himself innocent "he started taking lands from the farmers telling them he was developing buildings and societies for them.. He had every paper work. My father was... "she choked

Karan moved closer to her and held her by her shoulder.. He rubbed her upper arm a little

"he was the sarpanch of the village, Palash somehow managed to be friends with my family, I was to drawn into his falls attitude... He started coming over many times and met me everywhere I go, I didn't fell any weirdness about it taking how small the village was to come around same person more than once in a day..

I was looking for someone to help me build my NGO.. Not wanting to take any help from my father.. Somehow he came to know about it and he started talking to be on that basis.. He gave me hope and he gave me those false promises that I fell for him.." A tear escaped her eye

"I took a wrong decision and rushed into this relationship.. It was the same time when my father came to know about his deeds.. He was selling the land almost triple the price the people received. *sob* He took me out that evening and I like a fool went without informing my parents.. We were sitting on this hill at 8 in the eve when My father arrived looking for him with his followers and he was shocked to find me there holding his hand.." She stopped a sighed

"the whole truth unfolded but I was not shocked... I was so blind with my feelings that I instead of slapping him tried melding Palash into being a nice guy!.. I asked him to give up on this and give back the land to the farmers...." She sobbed more "the hurt I saw in my father's eyes that evening still makes me feel am the worst child they could ever get!" She broke.. "he killed my father... He had him killed and made me do his bidding telling me he'll kill my family too if I tell this to anyone.." She sobbed more "The police came to know about his illegal plans and took Palash into custody.. I gathered whatever I could and took my family to the city.. I worked in an hospital and soon made my dream come true of opening an NGO" she wiped her tears not wanting to shed tears in the name of her NGO

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