Morning after

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Luna's P.O.V

I awoke with a pounding headache. I couldn't  feel anything thing. My eyes fluttered open. My emotions were acting weird. They were all over the place. I felt a arm around my waist. I looked down to see my mate. Then I remembered. Oh no. I shot up and grabbed any belongings I had. I started racing through the castle since all my other supernaturals were shut off. I didn't know my devil yet because I haven't shifted. But our connection felt stronger like that of my mate. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. As I reached the front entrance the doors closed in my face. Shutting me out. I felt his presence. "Alexander," I whispered. He wrapped his arms around me. "Yes Luna," he replied nuzzling my neck. "I have to go," I muttered. He held me tighter,"No," he growled. He rubbed his nose on my mark. "Mine," he growled. "," I cried. He picked me up bridal style and rushed me back to his room. "You will stay till you understand that I will never let you go mate," he said before leaving. I heard the lock click. I banged on the windows on the door. I eventually gave up and slid to the floor. Sobbing in my arms I fell asleep. Hoping this was just a dream. I haven't even met all my mates yet and one already claimed me. This is one word to describe this. Disaster. 

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