The Beta's Mate

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The ballroom in the castle was lit up with beautiful chandeliers and crystal and golden accented china glittered. People were dancing and laughing. Couples engaged in conversations with other couples waiting for the royal couple to appear. Suddenly a hush fell over the Grand room as an austere couple came into view on the top of the large marble staircase. A footman announced them as he would any royal couple..."Alpha and Luna Hayes, Lord and Lady Hayes.'

As the footman's voice was fading away, people were already bowing in respect. After all, this was their king and queen, as well as their children. Yes, they are wolves. Some of the most powerful werewolves in the world. Stephanie Hayes thought about this as she watched people walk up to her mom and dad and shake their hands, just dying to get an "in" with the Alpha and Luna. Tonight was supposed to be her eighteenth birthday party. But, as usual, it was mostly a state affair. She hated this things. How was she ever going to find her mate among all of these, so called eligible male wolves. Personally, most of them were repugnant to her for the simple reason that they were just like humans. They saw a way to have power and money and become part of the royal family. "Yuk." They never saw her, just the power that she represented.

Dylan was next to his sister and could feel her emotions though their own special telepathic pathway. He asked her through their private mind-link, "Tired of it already? Don't you want one of these pretty boys for your mate?" His tone was mocking and he knew he would pay for it tomorrow at practice.

"Ugh. How can mom and dad do this to me? I know everyone here and I don't feel anything. How about you, brother. Any mate-vibes on your end?" Stephanie asked.

"I don't think I have a mate. I'm twenty-eight years old and haven't found my mate yet. She either, doesn't exist or she's a human." Dylan was hard pressed not to sound bitter. After all, a mate is the thing that a wolf lives for above all things. They complete each, even a human one. It was rare that an Alpha bloodline would have a human mate, but it did happen. At least it wasn't taboo like it was hundreds of years ago. Back then both the wolf and his mate would be killed. Her, burned as a witch and he would be staked out with silver and his body left to rot, as the silver slowly dorve him mad and poisoned him.

Dylan and Stephanie had moved away from their parents to the open terrace windows. The cool evening air kept the temperature quite nice inside. Wolves put out a lot of body heat and this helped even out the temperature and provided lots of fresh air so the "birthday girl" could catch a whiff of her mate.  "I think I will go to the gardens, Dylan. Want to come with me?"

"No, you go. I'm sure I will just as bad for company as you are going to be, and while I love you, I don't want to be miserable with you. Besides,I think I see a young she-wolf whose acquaintance I haven't made yet." Dylan was a skirt-chaser, and that was putting it politely.

She quietly and quickly ducked out of the beautiful party with all of it's beautiful "people" and walked through the extensive gardens. All she really wanted was to sit and cry. But she refused to give into her misery. Too many people would use it against her in so many ugly ways if they caught her. So she walked around the gardens not realizing that her life is about to change in a big way.

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