Seasons Change But People Don't

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"What happened after that?" Geoff inquired, more interested than he should have been. He theorized that Ciara had dropped him off at the apartment but also had a sneaking suspicion that she might have taken him back to her place. Awsten wasn't exactly the type of guy to fuck the sad out of him but he was also pretty sure that Ciara could tell that it wasn't the best idea to leave him alone.

"I slept on her couch and caught a lyft back home." Awsten was only partially lying. He was originally supposed spend the night on the couch after another intense breakdown in her car and then on her bathroom floor. It wasn't his fault that after an hour of tossing and turning, wrapped up in nothing but his loneliness and a fluffy Power Rangers blanket, that he knocked on her door. It was her fault for answering anyway. Her hair was sticking up everywhere and was wearing one of his oversized tee shirts. He didn't understand how she could throw out his shoes and still keep his Mikey Mouse shirt.

"Why didn't you get her to drive you?" She might have been half asleep but she was fully aware of her actions. She let him into her room, looking just like how he had remembered it and leading him to the bed. Nothing has changed. It felt like the night that the two of them originally started seeing each other. Both of them had partners, or so Ciara was led to believe this time, but he was invited into her bed regardless. This time, neither of the two of them made a move; Ciara respecting his emotional instability and Awsten respecting the boundaries of her relationship. Her relationship status didn't stop her from pulling the boy closer to her and pressing her chest to his back. Awsten always loved being the little spoon.

"I didn't want to bother her." He replied truthfully this time, finishing the remains of his drink. He flagged down their server in passing and requested the bill. Awsten wasn't about to go into any more detail about his night from hell. As far as bad days go, his was definitely worse. At least Geoff got laid at the end of his. All Awsten was left with was the stench of marijuana in one of his favorite shirts.

"You had no problem bothering her." Geoff noted, gesturing to the waitress with her hands full. She was clearly busy, running around her section and what was probably supposed to be someone else's. They were short staffed and busy. Geoff's heart went out to her. She would be getting a good tip from the two boys.

"If you want to stay here all day, be my guest. It's my day off and I want to start decorating for Halloween." Awsten was one of those former emo kids that had turned into a slightly functioning adult. There were remains of the once alternative past; dyed hair, the sound of Fall Out Boy from his Apple Music when he would take a shower, an intense love of Halloween. Awsten cringed at his scene phase and prayed that no one would ever see the photos. He did everything in his power to make sure that they never saw the light of day, with the exception of the one his parents had on the wall. He couldn't take that one down if he tried and lord knows, he tried.

"It isn't even October." Geoff was technically right although the month was quickly approaching. He wasn't sure how the two of them had blown through a month of their year together already with little to no progress in the soulmate department. Only four of Awsten's potential partners had revealed themselves; Michaela, Ciara, Grace and himself.

"Shut up. You're already dead so your opinion doesn't matter." Awsten quipped, shooting a dirty look across the diner table. Michaela was indefinitely not his soulmate, based on the description of the night before. Ciara was a shot in the dark. She was an enigma. A mystery. Anything could happen with her and it wouldn't surprise Geoff but he was betting on his soulmate being her. Her and Awsten had tried things before and failed so he wasn't sure what trying again would do.

"I'm dead so I feel like my opinion is more relevant than yours." Geoff replied, a smirk decorating his lips. He didn't know how to tell Awsten about Grace. It wasn't possible for him to just say casually that he had slept with the person Awsten was going to potentially spend his entire life with. It wasn't like not telling him was an option either. The pair had a limited amount of time to sift their way through potential love interests and try to find the diamond among the dogs. "How are you even going to decorate? The apartment is tiny."

"I was thinking of putting up a couple ghosts inside our windows an-"

"Stop appropriating ghost culture. It's offensive." The stupid joke earned a laugh from his still broken roommate. A laugh was a start. Then there was himself. Geoff. He was an option, even if the boy across from him was unaware. Geoff didn't think he was Awsten's soulmate. The possibility was almost completely off the table and yet a part of him wondered why he was keeping it to himself. If he had to tell Awsten about Grace, he had to tell him about himself.

"Fuck you! You aren't even a real ghost." Awsten was smiling for real this time. The sight made Geoff's heart flutter. His roommate was absolutely breathtaking, even if he didn't think so. Even if he wasn't, Awsten had an air about him that made Geoff drawn to him. He was outgoing but yet somehow held secrets inside of him. Gorgeous but somehow his facial features didn't match on both sides of his face. Straight forward yet somehow confusing. Who the hell was Geoff kidding? Awsten was like someone hit randomize on a sim.

"I'm not a real person either." Geoff has thought about that a lot within the past month. He was neither living nor dead. He wasn't exactly a ghost but not quite a mortal anymore. It didn't make much sense to him, let alone to Awsten. He hadn't exactly found the nerve to tell Chloe he wasn't actually alive either. He was sorta just hoping that everything with Awsten worked out and he was given his life back. He was counting on it, actually.

"I guess that means you're out of this world." Awsten said the words without thinking, like most of the things he says around people he enjoyed the company of. Geoff's eyes widened at the comment and Awsten felt a voice in his head tell him to shut the fuck up. Geoff stood up and turned away from his roommate quickly, walking out of the establishment entirely. "Wait! I gotta pay for the rest of our breakfast!" Awsten snatched the wallet out of his jacket pocket and threw down a set of bills and raced after his supernatural partner in crime. He had no idea that the reason Geoff had fled was because of the tint to his cheeks. Geoff was thankful he could blame the sign of embarrassment on the chill in the air. It was going to be a long year.

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