Chapter 6: Monster

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Normally Sun didn't wake up until far into the afternoon of the next day. However, this time was different. Sun opened his heavy eyes and stared at the ceiling with an empty mind in the darkness. Slowly, he turned his head and looked out of the window only for his eyes to be met with a dark inky sky full of brilliantly bright stars. His brows furrowed in confusion.

Why am I up when It's still dark out?

But the thought proved useless as the heavy thump of drums snuck through his window and into his ears. The villagers down below must be having another celebration. It was the only answer Sun could come up with when hearing the drums. For a while, he stared at the window from his bed and listened to the drums. The sound thrummed through his body and he couldn't help but like the feeling of it.

It also made him want to get up and join their celebration. Yet, he already knew what would happen if he did that. The villagers would surely stare at him with those hate filled eyes and call him a monster. Maybe this time they would all come up to eradicate him. That very thought caused Sun to shiver silently in fear.

It was one thing to be treated as nothing more than a worthless beast that everyone hated but another when they hated him so much they would come up the mountain in great numbers to kill him. As Sun's mind thought up even worse scenarios there was a voice in the back of his head that refuted those awful thoughts of his. What if it was different this time? Maybe they wouldn't throw rocks at him. Plus, since it was dark out, they wouldn't be able to see him. Thus, they couldn't look at him with eyes full of disgust and hate.

Sun already doubted it but couldn't douse the flame of hope that ignited in his heart at his reasoning. After all, the loss of the weight on Sun's shoulders made him more optimistic than he had been in 100 years!

Having made up his mind Sun made a slight movement to get up but felt a heavy steel band around his waist and one around his chest. Not only that, but he could also feel a comfortable weight pressing against his back. Sun was momentarily confused before he blushed hotly. That's right, Sun had invited Li to sleep with him and Li had taken him up on the offer...

Sun had a strong desire to cover his face and groan into his hands. He wouldn't be this embarrassed if he found the man sleeping next to him quietly with his back to him but it was quite different when the other man was practically spooning him to his chest in his sleep. After all, Sun wasn't exactly used to such...intimacy. With anyone else really and especially Li.

Really, Sun found this both an embarrassing situation and frustrating one. After all, he didn't want to wake him up...letting out a sigh and forcing down his embarrassment he nudged at Li's arms. They moved slightly but not much. But that was all Sun needed to squirm out of Li's hold and get to his feet. Beside the bed, Sun looked down at Li and stared at him for a while. As he stared at him he started to notice very small things about Li. His lashes were actually pretty long and his handsome face slackened in a way that only enhanced his sharp features.

Slowly, Sun leaned forward, one knee propping himself up on the edge of the bed, to inspect Li further, his heart fluttering in excitement and nervousness. If Li wasn't asleep Sun wouldn't get so close to him like this. He also wouldn't want to touch the hidden dimple on the left side of his mouth so much either. It seemed like the farther Sun inched forward the more he noticed about Li. Raising his hand to poke his dimple Li's face all of a sudden scrunched up and he turned slightly to the left. Sun's fluttering heart stuttered as he went rigid, hand stopping in mid-air. Sun didn't dare to breathe as he watched Li settle into a new position. The covers rustled silently but then stopped as Li stopped moving.

Pulling his hand away he slowly stood back up till he was in his previous spot before. Inside his chest, his heart resumed it's fluttering despite him trying to calm down. Mentally, he scolded himself. What was he thinking? If he had touched him Li surely would have woken up!

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