Chapter 2

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As I said before I don't own these characters except mine. Also this chapter is going to be a little different.

Jimmy's POV

*Next Day*

I was walking to my locker to go put away my textbook for whatever class. When the girl I saw yesterday approached me, she handed me my notebook that I lost yesterday, I kept all my writing in it. When she finally got to me she said, " Hi are you Jimmy? You dropped this yesterday on your way out. But don't worry I didn't read anything". I smirked a little when she said that. "Thanks", I said as she walked away. "Wait whats your name"? She stopped and said, "Christine". She smiled and walked to her next class, I starred at her until I couldn't see her. Finally when I couldn't see her anymore, Mickey came behind me and scared the shit out of me. As soon as I turned around to look at him, he had this confused face and asked me, "whatcha lookin at". "Nothin", I said but he knew I was lying. "You lookin at that girl that just walked away. She's kinda hot", Mickey said, teasing me a little. Finally I said, "No Mickey I was not lookin at her now can me go"

Christine POV

I was coming out of math class when I noticed Jimmy standing at his locker putting some books away. I started walking towards him, as I was walking towards him I realized how cute his blue eyes were. When I gave him his notebook he thanked me and smiled a little.Then asked for my name when I started walking away.

Christine POV

*later on that day*

In science we had to do an experiment with partners. I was partnered with Sandre Willams and she doesn't like me very much, but I cant do anything about that, so I'm stuck with her. Througout the experiment I felt in my gut that Sandre was going to do something.I was right, Sandre "accidentally" spilled water all over my skirt. Making it look like I just randomly decided to urinate on my self in the middle of class. She had a stupid grin on her face and said, "oops" like a little devil. Immediately after when she decided spill water on me, I walked over to my teacher to ask if I could go to the bathroom. Luckily I had another skirt in my locker. I walked over to my locker feeling so uncomfortable, the hall ways were dead. I opened my locker pulling out the spare skirt, I didn't feel like walking all the way to the bathroom so I decided to just start changing my skirt their. Of course when I turn around I see someone walking down the hall way, but luckily it was just Jimmy.

Jimmy's POV

I asked father MCnulty if I could go to the bathroom, I only asked so I could get out of class. As I was walking down the hall way collecting my thoughts, I noticed Christine standing at her locker taking off her skirt. I approached her with a very confused face, " don't you think you should be doing this in the bathroom"?. She replied "O hey, I would change in the bathroom but I don't feel like it, just being lazy I guess". Christine and I laughed a little, then asked, "What are you doing out here". I still had a smirk on my face, " Ugh, just walking around". I couldn't help but notice her grey lace underwear she was wearing."Stop staring at my ass",she said while slipping her skirt on. "Sorry I just can't help my self", I said jokingly, we both laughed. Finally before she started walking away I asked her if she wanted to check out my basketball game at 6:00. She said, "sure" and walked away

I hopped you liked it this one is going to be a little different later on in the story when jimmy goes on drugs it will be more of Christine's POVs than Jimmys.


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