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Garrett was nervous for christmas, as it was his first time celebrating it with his boyfriend. The aqua blue eye boy started at the perfectly wrapped up present for his boyfriend, a blue wrapping with a cute crimson ribbon to go with it.

' To my lovely boyfriend Dario:
Love~ Garrett'

He bit his lip and looked at the present, 'No..he won't like it at all..' He thought to himself. The blonde soon shook his head and sighed, he soon looked outside at the sparkly night, his heart pounding with the clock ticking. After awhile there was a knock, Garrett stood up alarmed and got up to open the door, there...was hos boyfriend, he had darker skin than him and had dark brown hair slick back as he smiled softly, he had a bandage on his cheek, his chocolate eyes looked at his handsome boyfriends ones, "Hey hon'.." His voice was smooth, his rough appearance didn't fit his personality at all. He was like a gental giant once you get to know him..Garrett blushed and looked at him, "D-Dario! Please come in!" Garrett said and let Dario in. After a good 10 minute talk, Dario gave Garrett his present, it was a golden ribbon with red wrapping, "Open it!" He said softly and excitedly, Garrett smiled at him and kissed his cheek, Garret soon open the present which made his aqua eyes grew wide. It was a luxurious blakent that had Garret's name on it and it was high quality silk, it was super soft, The chocolate eyed boy turned away and blushed in embarrassment, "Y..You were always cold in the winter...and I didn't want you to get sick.." He rubbed the back of his head as Garrett hugged him happily, "This is lovely! I lobe it so much Dario!" Garrett was beyond overwhelmed, he was so happy that he almost forgot the gift that he got for Dario, Dario looked at the present that was wrapped perfectly, " that for me?" He asked as he pointed to the present, Garrett soon stopped and looked at the present as he bit his lip, he nods as Dario kissed his cheek, "Whatever it is..I bet it'll be lovely.." He said as he opened it, when he saw the gift he gasped and looked at it, Garrett started to cry softly, "I-I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.." Garret said, he hiccuped, "I..I even ruined our first christmas together.." He wiped his tears as he felt a gental hand wiping Garret's tears, "Don't cry...I love it so much..." He said with a soft smile and put on the heart locket, it wad pure gold as he looked inside, it was Garrett and Dario doing peace signs together as they smiled happily, "See? Its lovely..." Dario smiled, reassuring Garret. Garret smiled as he snuggled Dario, he snuggled back...they watched movues together and ate popcorn and fell asleep later that night..

Eh its badddd-

Never worte gay love before ;-;

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