Chapter 19

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[Your POV]

The talk with Jackson left you feeling pensive, as the thought of the full moon nearing formed a pit at the bottom of your stomach. You dozed off in lesson, lids lowered heavily over your contemplative eyes, but your reverie was shortly disturbed when a scrunched up paper hits your head.

Assuming it was Taehyung or one of the boys, you look back but they too were dozing off on their desks. You opened the note.

Hang out after school? We need to discuss about the upcoming full moon too right?

You turn back as Jackson's hopeful face greets you. Thinking for a while, you nod at his direction and a wide smile stretches on his face.


''Y/N, come on! We gotta go'' Jungkook tells you at the end of school, as you stop walking.

''I...gotta go somewhere'' you say, as they all stop to look at you.

''what? where? we'll come with you'' they insist, but you shake your head. ''No...I'm going alone''

''What's this all of a sudden?'' Taehyung asks you, confusion etched into his angelic features.

''Nothing...'' you mumble. ''I have a life too, you know? Can't I go somewhere without you all keeping tabs on me?'' and with that, you run off, running and running until they were out of sight. Panting in exertion, you stop at the side of the road to catch your breath.

You had come to a decision. You decided staying with bangtan was something inexplicable for you, something that seemed preposterous and absurd. I mean...

A werewolf living with vampires? Bullshit.

You almost killed one of them, you should be fleeing and getting as far away from them as possible, but here you were instead living with them, deceiving them like nothing ever happened. You were someone he greatly despised in your true form, but someone he adored in your human form.

What would he do if he knew that the enemy he had sworn to kill was the same girl he had welcomed into his 'family'?

You didn't deserve their affection. You had joined into a family you didn't even belong. This was the last straw, and you decided you weren't going to intervene with their lives any longer, before it'd be too late and you ruined it.

That's what you told yourself, but deep down you were just afraid what they would do if they found out you were a werewolf, the same rampant animal that attacked Taehyung that night.

In short, you were a coward.

Leaning against the railings of the road, you looked up at the sky which had darkened in color to a dark blue. The streetlamps let out a soft orange glow, the only source of illumination in the matte black canvas above. Cars whirred past on the roads, everything was moving except you.

You hear footsteps nearing you, gently trodding closer until a hand from behind gripped your shoulder. ''Y/N!'' Jackson breathed, his concerned eyes meeting yours. Examining your frightful expression, he pulls you in for a hug. ''What's wrong?''

Relishing the temporary comfort his arms provided, you sigh and begin to tell him the truth untold; how you came across bangtan in rampant mode the day your family was killed and walked into their mansion after you had turned.

He listens in amazement, watching you intently. ''wow...'' he comments after you finish your story. The both of you were just roaming around the streets now. ''so the guy you attacked was Jungkook?''

''No, it was Taehyung'' you correct him as he nods. ''And he's the one you kissed? Damn that's deep''

Flushing hot at the memory, you clear your throat. ''well if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have remembered you'' you retaliate, as he sarcastically nods.

''by the way, you do know I changed your clothes after you turned, right?'' he grins, wiggling his eyebrows. You look at him incredulously.

''What? I don't remember...''

''kiss me so you remember?'' his smile becomes infuriatingly cocky as you punch his arm. ''In your dreams''

''You're right, it's always in my dreams, you and me in bed-''

''holy shit you're worse than Taehyung'' you scoff. ''I have no dreams of you...I have nightmares''

''yeah yeah'' he chimes, a smirk adorning his features. Walking alongside him, you had no idea where you were going. Vehicles raced between red traffic lights, stubbornly flickering in the grey as you silently watch.

''By the way Y/N...I sexually love you''

You choke on a molecule, turning to look at him with widened eyes.

''damn, puberty hit you hard!'' you exclaim. ''where did you learn to talk like such a pervert?''

''I'm only a pervert to the one I love'' he winks, as you facepalm.

''stop with your pick up lines! I prefer your wolf form much more unperverty''

''I like both your forms!''

''I don't really care'' you say, as he turns silent. Noticing his solemn expression, you feel slightly bad. ''why you sad?''

''idk nan molla''

You both chuckle, and you decide you might as well try to get along with him, since excluding bangtan would leave Jackson as your only companion.

And keeping that in mind, you diminished all unnecessary thoughts and headed straight for a new beginning.

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