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Refraining from speech or temporarily speechless

Main Characters

Park Jimin

Nam HaeSoo


Every aspect of this story is complete Fiction. Some places may be real while others are from my imagination. This story is in the Fanfiction Category, so you must understand that most of the charcaters used in this story, specifically BTS, are actual people. This story does not occur in real life and any accidents or violence that have any relation to a character in the story has not happened in real life. Anything similar to other stories as in place, name or event is pure coincidence.

I do not own any of the pictures (Besides those which I have tagged) or real life characters in the book as well as stuff related to such. This book is not perfect and may or may not have grammar errors during your reading.

Text copyright © zamidami™ 2018

The moral right of the author has been asserted. All right reserved. This story is published subject to the condition that it shall not be reproduced or retransmitted in whole or in part, in any manner, without the written consent of the copyright holder, and any infringement of this is a violation of copyright law.

A single copy of the materials available in this story may be made, solely for personal, noncommercial use. Individuals must preserve any copyright or other notices contained in or associated with them. Users may not distribute said copies to others, whether or not in electronic form or in hard copy, without prior written consent of the copyright holder of the materials.

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