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Lael swam in a sea of darkness. 

Sounds sluggishly vibrated through her ears as if she was underwater. She heard the explosions, felt the compression of air, felt something grab her and carry her along its shoulder. She heard Hull muttering a series of profanities in the distance as more explosions erupted in the distance. She felt her body hit the floor and roll to its side and felt clunky footsteps thunder away into the distance.

She became frantic and began to scream out for them but couldn't hear her words come out. It was as if she was deaf and was mouthing words into oblivion; said but never received. A moment later the footsteps thundered towards her, then stop. She felt something else in the distance approaching her quickly, like a storm that had been brewing for a while and was now ready to storm. By the time she knew what it was, it hit her, unable to ready herself to withstand it. 

She winced, screamed and woke up. 

Her vision was blurry for a moment as she saw doubles of everything. Hull was at her side with a handful of wires that she quickly plugged into sockets on the lower back of the Pride's main pilot's chair. The cables lead through the pontoon and out the bottom of the Blindsider

The Katanga Bay rocked again. She could barely hear the klaxon outside of the Pride, announcing severe damage to the reactor and emergency decompression. Lael winced again and let out another cry. She looked down at herself and saw her right leg bent in a way that wasn't natural, at her knee and ankle. Her catsuit was torn open at the lower chest, and a cylindrical needle was stabbed into the middle of her chest.

Hull looked at Lael and let out a short laugh. "Welcome back."

Lael stared at her with tears in her eyes from the pain. "What..."

"Shh!" Hull said as she plugged in the last of the wires. "Later. We need to get out of here."

"Pride... won't fly..."

"Hell no, the ship's still cooling down. Got something else in mind."

Lael forced herself to turn her head and look at her. Her vision blurred again as two Hull's spoke to her in unison. "Ever been to a lower dimension?"


"Well, say a prayer because if this doesn't work, we'll be meeting whatever exists on the other side of life, right about..." She grabbed the throttle on the pilot chair's armrest and pushed it forward. "Now!"

The Pride rocked hard, and Hull fell to the floor and out of Lael's eyesight. Lael's body slid to the front of the cockpit, and she stared out through the plexiglass at the ceiling of the Katanga Bay, crackling with energy. She felt the world around her shudder and then... nothing.


Two DIX's suddenly came online and looked down at Lael. Her vision improved slightly, and they slowly merged into one as it spoke. "Elevator Drive jump complete. We have arrived in lower dimension three seventy-one, Solon Plexus."

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