New pet

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Growing up, I always had everything I needed.

It was me, my brother, and my very wealthy father. 

Father owned a very unique shop, and had a very dangerous job.

Father was a business man, buy and selling what ever he needed to.

Even someone's life

He was a very dangerous man indeed
My brother grew up under his iron fist and was never allowed to stray from his path of becoming the new leader of the organization.

I remember the first time I had to shoot a gun I cried because I thought I had been shot instead.
Father decided after that I wasn't really ready or ever going to be able to take over.
Father said in a very deep and manly voice.
"Jude is not able to work in the company-"

That's what we call it, the company because we didn't wanna actually acknowledge the fact father did was he did.
"-so I need everyone to work hard to keep him safe I fear he won't be able to do so for him self."

Father's job was very dangerous. People always tried to get at him they tried to kill him. Kidnap him, and get his family.
It was mostly people in debt and people who had felt like they were cheated or scammed.
But father doesn't care, he enjoys it. He's a very scary man when things don't go his way.

When I was 9 my mother died. She was killed on the way from dinner one night by a gunman.
But after that he took me from school and homeschooled me until I was senior in high school.

As  a present he got me something very strange

"Jude I need you in the living room" I nodded even though he couldn't hear me. "Jude answer me when I speak to you" I rolled off my bed and sighed "yes sir I'm coming"
My room was large, it had a king sized bed with white sheets and blankets and I had a very large teddy bear in the bed that took up half of it. There was a couch and a reading area. I love it so much and the tv hung on the wall.
"Jude hurry" my father called again I rushed down the stair case and hurried into our living room.  I call it living room 2.0 because we had three 'living rooms' a living room, family room, and discussion room.

Went I entered I saw someone I've never seen before. It was a boy who looked like 19 and he had messy black hair and intimidating blue eyes. He was shirtless and it showed all his tattoos and he stood  a lot taller than me.

I noticed the collar on his neck

"Jude I know you're going to be growing up and out soon. So I thought I'd get you a present, this is Hunter he's your new pet."

I sat on my bed, Hunter sat on the floor.  "You don't have to sit on the floor you know" I say gently "I'm not allowed to sit on Master's things."

"Please don't call me that" I say "My names Jude call me that" he looked at me.

"You don't look like the son of a mafia man"  he says standing up "is that what father is?" I question that made Hunter smirk. "I have a feeling you've never had a pet before huh?" I shook my head smiling.

"What do they do? You're not a dog so why do you where a collar" his eyes lowered "because I'm not a person I'm a thing, and plus I think collars make me look sexy."

I nodded "you're like one of the people father sells aren't you?" He nodded.

"You don't have to be a pet though I don't like...I don't like you calling me master or sitting on my floor." I stood up "you're gonna be my new friend I don't have one of those"

I smiled and I let him sit on my bed.
All of a sudden he grabbed my hair and pushed me down on the bed I let out a squeal. Then he covered my mouth and whispered in my ear
"I could kill you in your sleep and escape as well you're so small and so kind heart." I moved his hand and he let me speak. "But why though I'm not keeping you, I'm not gonna make you kiss my feet or wear a collar. You'll eat with me and sleep in my bed if you'd like. You'd just have to be by my side all the time. Nothing more nothing less." I promised he sat up "you're too cute kid you think your father would let a pet sit at the table."

I crossed my arms "yes" "why because you're spoiled" I grinned up at him


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