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...this is actually really old. I got tagged to do this a month ago and I forgot all about it...

Voodoo: Why are you doing it now after a month?

Because someone keeps asking if er got any asks or dares...

Bishop: Hey I wanna know because I won't be on for a while after the twenty first. But good news. I might get a phone for xmas. Anyways shall we do that thing my wonderful twin was tagged in?

Wonderful? You weren't the one who got tagged. I was. The Mexican wolf. Anyways... I think Loxo would like to do the first two...

Loxo: Yes!!! Haha!! Hooray!!!

Shut up and just answer the two questions...

Loxo: Okay! I have so many OTPs!! Pick a number from 1 to 4 though!


Ricochet: What?

Lemondrop: Pick a number, Ricochet.

Ricochet: Um three

Loxo: *crosses his paws proudly* Bloody x Alex!!!!

*sighs loudly* ....What were all of them

Loxo: *giggles* You know the first! Second was with Lemondrop! Third is Alex and the last is Mar-

Voodoo: Okay! So what's your NOTP?

Loxo: Hmmmmm...

Silence: I bet you twelve dollars that it doesn't contain Crescent.

Loxo: *thinking* ...Aha! Actually! I do have one that includes Rose but I'm saving that! Calliemari is NOTP!

....You mean the dish?

Dusk: No he means the ship

...Oh...I mean... I'm no shipper, but shipping cousins....

Loxo: It's just bleh!!! It's like shipping twins!!

*looks at Bishop* I mean... I care about you more than anyone as I do with Secret, but....

Bishop: Yeah... Let's just keep it at a sibling level..

Sibling level and nothing else. Just.... sibling level

Loxo: Awwwww!!!

Shut up

Loxo: Rude!!!

Voodoo: So who's doing number three?

....since I listen to music on a daily basis, I will.

Silence: Alright, Cressie, what was the last song you listened to?

Hold on *checks their phone* Hopefully none are gonna be curious and look up the song... last song I listened to was called Promise Ring by Rush

Dusk: Never heard of it but sounds good..

*shrugs* It's got a meaning to it. It's catchy and I like it. Plus it relates to what I've...*mumbles the last few words*

Voodoo: Okay, who's taking number four?

Lemondrop: Oh, I will! I do enjoy books! The last book I've read was the dictionary!


Lemondrop: Well, I was curious on the human wordings...

Voodoo: um... number five?

I think you wanted that one, Bishop

Loxo: Oh come on!! I wanted to have that one!

Bishop: Well I don't remember exactly but I think it was Bloody x Cake.


Bishop: Wait no it was Aarmau


Bishop: An aphmau ship

The hell is that?

Bishop: You telling me you've never watched Aphmau's videos?


Bishop:  Ah no that won't do. After this I'm gonna send you some Aphmau videos. 

Silence: This chapter is not Sponsored by Aphmau..

Wait what?

Loxo: But first, we should finish!!!

Lemondrop: We have five more questions to answer...

Silence, answer the sixth question. What was your first fandom?

Silence: Creepypasta fandom

Ricochet, you got number seven

Ricochet: I like to invent things, of course they usually aren't successful but that's what makes it fun

Lemondrop: Dusk...What country are you from?

Dusk: I am from Europe.

Voodoo: Nice. Who can speak more than one language?

*points to Bishop*

Bishop: I can speak English, a bit of Spanish, some irish and a bit of Sign language.

You'd probably be able to know more Spanish if you weren't banned from Spanish classes.

Bishop: Aye ... true

Loxo: Last one!!! Lemondrop, what's your favorite color??

Lemondrop: Oh... any warm colors. Colors of the sunrise.

Silence: Or the colors of hell.

Oh my Arceus....

Loxo: Okay!!! That's all! No more questions! Be sure to tag Rose again on anything to have all of us do the questions!!!

Voodoo: Or if you have any questions or dares to give us, let us know in the comments! Cya next time everyone!

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