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The Jardacia, Volume One, is a collection of four separate books written over a period of Twelve years from the year 2000.

Its Writers

There are many who have contributed to this book. John, the first Lord Avatar wrote The Book Of Truth and the original Book Of War. Ashley, the second Lord Avatar rewrote The Book Of War after the pilgrimage. He also wrote The Book Of Stone. Many contributed to The Book Of Visions.

The Books

The Book Of Truth is about our religion, what we believe happened before we were created and what will happen after we depart this realm.

The Book Of Stone is an in-depth history of our religion since the very start of our great journey from the year 2000.

The Book Of War is of all that we are against in this realm. It teaches many truths about the sins of this world, it is for you to interpret its ideology.

The Book Of Visions are many prophecies which we believe are sacred texts written by a handful of people, which tell us of the path we should follow on this great journey.

The Laws Of Stone

1) Do not take from the sea.

2) Obey the hierarchy.

3) You shall not acquire debt.

4) You should never be deceitful.

5) All Solarans are to celebrate Avatars Day on the first of June.

6) Do not needlessly kill an animal.

7) Do not misuse the name of the Goddess Solara.

8) Do not mock those less fortunate than yourself.

9) Do not give your opinion unless it is asked for.

10) Do not disrespect somebody else's domain.

11) If a person wishes to leave this world for the next they shall be allowed to do so.

12) Do not take that which is not given.


This part is to help you to start praying to Solara and her Avatars. We have twenty or so prayers for you to choose from. Each prayer for a different matter, so, for example, if you are in need of the truth to be spoken you would use the prayer ''In Search Of Truth''. These prayers will help you speak to Solara and her Avatars. When you pray regularly you will soon wish to add your own prayers in your words. When praying you must kneel on your right knee whilst holding your right fist to your left outstretched palm.

In Search Of Truth

Solara, as I pray to you on this day I wish that the truth will be spoken. I wish for the truth to come out so that I have no doubt. Hail Solara.

Before A Great Battle

My Goddess Solara, I pray to you today to help me to be strong, to help me stand tall against my enemies. Let me be brave enough to show them that I am a Solaran. Let me be at my zenith, my height so that I can be victorious against those who wish me harm. Hail Solara.

Before Reading The Books

Dear Solara, as I read from your books I ask that you help me to understand your words, your wisdom, your truth. As I learn more of you, give me the desire to live the way you teach. Hail Solara.

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