Chapter 2: My dream had come true.

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I can't believe this...

Black Veil Brides was in my bedroom. Holy Shit. They were all so beautiful. Ashley is the first one that steps up and talks to me. He is saying something but I am totally zoned out. He is so beautiful. Andy then screams, "Hey Girl! He is talking to you!" I snap back to reality. "Oh. Sorry." I say looking away from Ashley. Ashley grabs my chin and turns my head towards his so I am looking at him now. "It's okay. I was just telling you that you are still in a towel and asking if maybe you wanted to go change." Ashley says chuckling a little bit. I was still in a towel?!? "Oh. Sorry. Let me get some clothes." I say running to my drawer and get underwear and a bra. I then run over to my closet and picking out a pair of dark blue ripped skinny jeans and I grab a Black Veil Brides T-Shirt and run out of my room to the bathroom. I quickly get dressed, Brush my hair and my teeth, Then run out only to run into Ashley standing outside the door waiting to get in. I fall straigh on my ass! Wow, Nice first impression Savannah. "I am so sorry! Are you okay?" Ashley asks whilst trying to help me up. "I'm Fine. Thanks for asking." I say taking his hand. "Nice T-Shirt." He says tugging at the bottom of my shirt. "Nice Abs." I say poking his abs. Did I seriously just say that? Damn! "Your funny." Ashley said going into the bathroom. I walked to my bedroom to find Jinxx on the phone with his Girlfriend Sammi, Jake on the phone with his wife Ella, and Patricia talking to Andy. I decided to go downstairs to get something to eat. Of course there was nothing to eat as usual. "Don't spoil your appetite." Ashley tells me while he puts his hands on my shoulders. "There isn't anything to east anyway. We never have food. Well, Good food." I said walking towards the couch. "What are ya watchin there?" He tells me plopping on the couch and putting his hand on my thigh. I shoot Ashley a look that almost looks like a 'What the hell are you doing? We just met like 20 minutes ago.'

"What was that look for?" He says looking at me smiling like an Idiot. "Nothing." I put my hand on his and he flips hand around to where our palms are touching and we clench each others hands. I lay my head on his sholder. We both look at each other. His eyes are so beautiful. We both straighten our heads and he leans down and whispers in my ear, "Your Beautiful." He picks me up and carries me bridal style to my bedroom and kicks the door open just to see Patricia and Andy on the floor in a very heated make out session, Jinxx hiding in the closet for god knows what, and Jake on the floor crying in a corner. He throws me on the bed after we pass through a sea of emotions and lay down. "Your eyes are the perfect shade of green." He smiles at me then looks out the window. I pull his chin to where he is looking at me. I block out everything else and only concentrate on him. "Your just a work of art." I say leaning in closer. Ashley kisses me in my cheek and then our eyes meet. We then hear some weird noises from the closet. Ashley and I walk over to the closet to find CC and Jake drunk off their asses from the alcohol under my bed and they are hugging while Jake is crying. "What the hell happened to him?" Ashley asks trying to help CC off of Jake."He was crying so I tried to help. Who wants to Party? I DO!" CC says attempting to run down the stairs but eventually just falls. "Holy Shit CC!" I hear Andy break the kiss and goes downstairs to help CC. Patricia is just laying on the floor. "They have this. Let's go in here." Ashley says kicking everyone out of my bedroom and throwing them outside. I know that Patricia, Andy, Jinxx, And Jake are putting their ears to the door because I can hear them all whispering.

**** WARNING!!! GRAPHIC!!! (To me it is.. JUST A WARNING!) ****

Ashley kisses me very passionatley and we switch positions to where I am on top and he is on the bottom. Ashley bites my bottom lip and I let out a gasp. Ashley starts to tug at the bottom of my shirt. I start to tug at his jacket. He raises up to let me be able to take his vest off. He then starts to lift up my T-Shirt and pulls off my shirt. I break the kiss. "What time are the dinner reservations?" I say laying on his chest pulling my phone out of my back pocket. "9:45." "We still have about 2 Hours until we have to leave." Ashley starts to kiss my jaw line and leaving trails down my neck. He starts to pull at my belt on my pants really hard until he breaks the buckle. i hear him mumble, "I'll pay for a new one." I start to giggle. The door then busts open and everyone piles in the room. Ashley covers us up in the sheets on my bed. "What the hell man!" Ashley screams at Andy. "IT WAS ALL CC!!!" Andy says pointing at CC. "Yeahhhhh!!!!! All me!!" CC is obviously still drunk. "Well will you all kindly... LEAVE?" Ashley says pointing to the door laughing. They all pile out of the passed out CC on the floor. Andy walks in and drags CC away and shuts the door. Ashley rips off my pants. He bites my lip and I let out a moan. He slides his tounge into my mouth and starts to explore. I break the kiss and slide my tounge down to his 'OUTLAW' tattoo and trace the letters with my tounge. "You fucking tease!!" I started to unbuckle his pants and he un-clipped my bra.

Ashley began to kiss my neck until he reached my 'Sweet Spot' I started to moan extremley loud. Andy heard me from downstairs over the Television. "Guys! We have Dinner reservations in 30 Minutes! Finish up Ash!" He screamed while walking to the bathroom. "Okay!" Ashley screams with the biggest smile I had ever seen. "You ready?" Ashley says hitting my sweet spot over and over again. "Yes, Ashley." I said in betweeen moans. Was this real life? I can't believe I have the guy of my dreams. My dream had finally come true...

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