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"Run," the man, Vincent, had screamed at her. And she wanted to, she really did. The fear in Vincent's eyes had caused a tremble to start in her that still hadn't gone away.

But she couldn't. Not wouldn't, but could not. Ian was here. Sonora knew it. She was going to find him no matter what.

Sonora squared her shoulders as she continued down the hallway in the direction Vincent had warned her against as quietly as possible.

Maybe, just maybe, Ian was the 'dangerous stuff'. He'd never threatened her, but given the right motives, she didn't doubt that his big bulk could be dangerous.

Vincent and his squealing shoes had moved on, but Sonora's ears seemed to amplify every sound. Each ping of the air system, every creak of a settling wall, even her own steps sent her heart on a new round of thumping.

No matter how quiet she walked, a tap, tap, tap echoed through the hall much louder then it should be. Sonora was sure that one of the many sounds she heard would be a person waiting for her steps to get close enough for them to reach out and grab her.

Her fear caused her breathing to shallow, and soon, small gasps became her breath.

A large shuddering bang caused Sonora to jump and put her hand to her heart. The ventilation system. She chided herself as she rubbed a spot on her chest that now hurt from her scare.

Sonora saw a faint light up ahead. She took a deep breath as she questioned her sanity over what she was doing.

Reaching the window that faced the hallway, she grasped the edge and peeked in. This was clearly an area that was used. It was filled with equipment, as well as, light. But she saw no one.

She pushed at the door. It moved a few inches. There was no stir in the room. She pushed it harder, and as soon as she was able, slipped her slim body through the opening and shut it.

It was a long room, and she stood at one end. To her left was a desk, and to her right was a long line of caged lab animals. Sonora peeked into the pens. Mice, rabbits, snakes, lizards, even a small bird or two. The cages started out small and grew in size.

From the far end of the room, she heard a sound, something like sawing, but much quieter.

Sonora stepped lightly, so as not to disturb the animals. The last thing she wanted was the clamor scared animals could create.

She ran a light hand down a countertop stacked with every kind of science equipment. Her fingers skimmed over something, and she looked at it. A taser. She snatched her hand back and frowned. What kind of lab is this?

A metal table sat in the center of the room. It looked to her like the kind of table she'd seen used in morgues on TV. Sonora shuddered.

She could now see the two largest cages standing at the far end of the room. In one a chimpanzee was curled up sleeping.

In the other—

Sonora's eyes narrowed, trying to see in the darkened corner. The sawing noise was coming from that pen. She watched the movement. Her mind refusing to allow her to make sense of what she was seeing.

But there was no mistaking the faint shimmer of his tatoo the little light reaching the corner allowed.

It was him.

Sonora's heart broke as she brought her hands to her mouth. Her beautiful man was tied to a cage like an animal. Worse than the animals.

Each strap holding him so tight his skin lightened around it, pushed against it. Tears flooded and streamed down her face.

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