Chapter Five: The Lone Prisoner

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I kept myself hidden by the side of the castle as I saw the guards surround the heroes. Kris looked extremely upset, Ralsei shocked, and Susie was some combination of irritated and surprised. It didn't take long for the guards to knock the heroes down the their knees and bring them into the castle, most likely into the dungeon with their own special cells.

Well, looks like they had to learn the hard way. Trying to be a hero down here ends up with you getting jailed, tortured, or worse. I sighed to myself and sat down, leaning against the castle wall. Kids will never learn huh? ... not like I have much room to talk.

I shook my head to stop that chain of memories from resurfacing and quickly busied myself by pulling out my small drawstring bag. I untied it and rummaged around in it. Some money, a few random items I found that I can sell, two little broken pieces of silver I found while hiding... damnit where is it?

After rummaging around in my purse for a few minutes I smiled, finally pulling out a small bag of chocolate pieces. Damn that was too annoying to look for.

As I popped a piece of chocolate in my mouth, I rose one of my ears up to listen for any of the guards, only to freeze up from what I heard.

Shit. Shit shit shit shit they're right around the corner! I quickly packed up the chocolate and hid my bag, quickly scanning the area for a place to hide. The terrain was flat, no trees or any sort of object to hide behind. The only place close enough for me to hide was... inside the castle... oh boy.

I quickly spun around and searched for a window, finding one relatively quickly that I could reach. It was a bit above my head, but with a bit of effort and a higher jump than I was used to, I quickly pulled myself up to the window, thanking everything that it was open and the room was empty.

I rose my ear to listen for the guards, only relaxing once they long passed where I once was.

Thank. Everything.

Whatever it is that exists out there thank you for not getting me killed today.

I stood up and closed and locked the window. Don't want them to realize someone might have broken in and start a search party for an intruder. The room was pretty much barren of everything, no beds, no storage, no people, nothing. It was as if this room was forgotten, or held too many bad memories to be renovated.

I quietly made my way to the door, silently opening it and taking a quick glance of the area. I could see and elevator almost immediately, as well as a diamond court guard. I could hide on one of the floors until this place chilled out at night, then make my escape.

As quick as I could so the guard wouldn't spot me, I dashed over the the elevator, dashing inside and leaning against the wall in relief. Something was on my side today and I'm living for it.

Turning my head towards the buttons, I quickly scanned them to see if there was a floor that I remembered being abandoned. That is, until I saw a floor who's number seemed to be whited out, then crossed out, then whited out again.

What in the god damn?

Well, most likely if that floor's number was removed, there's no way any guards were gonna be there. They may be tough but they're as dense as fucking boulders. I pressed the button and sat down on my knees as I waited for the elevator to go down.

After a few minutes, it screeched to a halt, and the doors opened. I walked out of the door and narrowed my eyes to see better. It was a dimly lit staircase, with barely enough torches for one to see well.

As quietly, and slowly, as I could, I walked down the bottom of the stairs, keeping one hand against the wall to keep myself from slipping and breaking my head open like a dumbass.

My eyes widened when I saw that the stairs only lead to a wall, balling my other hand up in frustration. Seriously? All this caution for a god damn wall?

I groaned and punched the wall in anger, immediately regretting it as pain bloomed in my knuckles. A hiss of pain escaped from my gritted teeth and I held my hand close to my chest.

I froze in my spot when I heard something knock on the wall in response. My head was going a million miles an hour, my ears tensing up in the air to make sure I wasn't hearing anything.

"Excuse me what the fuck was that noise?" I muttered, not expecting a reply.

"Boo hoo, boo hoo, vee hee hee. So lonely, lonely I be... But lo, a visitor standing inside?" Well as if today couldn't get any weirder.

"Okay who in the actual hell are you?"

"I am innocent, innocent. I just wanted to play a game, game. But the boring kings found such fun to be a trouble." I sighed to myself as he didn't answer my question, leaning against the wall.

"I know how you feel... the only king in power drove me away from my home and more likely than not already killed my parents..."

"Has it been that long? That only one king is in power now, now?"

"Well, more like he stole it and locked the rest up unfairly, forcing the rest of the royal families to run..."

"Yet you are here, here!" I froze. Did I... I didn't tell him I was a member of a royal family. What the flying fuckery is this?!

"How did you know I was part of a royal family?"

"Simple guessing games are easy."

"No way you just guessed that. Fine, prove it's easy. Which court am I in?" I purposefully chose an impossible one. The royal family one I'm willing to admit I gave away some information that made it seem likely, but there's no way he could know my-

"Hearts." I froze in my spot. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

"Am I right, right?"

"Uh... yeah. How are you so good at guessing? You can't even see what I look like!"

"I will not tell! Explaining a trick ruins the mystery and the fun, fun!" Something about that sentence sounded extremely familiar, but I brushed it off, sitting down against the wall.

"Alright... Now then, hope you don't mind that I'm here for a while. The guards don't know I'm here and I'd prefer not to be locked up. I'll just be here till nightfall."

"I don't mind at all, at all! I've grown lonely in my little freedom!" Freedom... behind bars... yeah this guy's a nutcase.

"Okay then. Name's (Y/N). And you are?"

"Ah it's been forever since I was asked my name. If I remember right, right, it is Jevil."

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