Chapter 11 The Perfect Orgasm?

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Miranda could barely stand when they propped her up in the shower and bathed her with tender care. They dried her, Jason carried her back into the playroom and sat her in a chair while Alex poured a chilled glass of wine for her.

"Mind-blowing?" Alex asked, grinning.

She smiled up at him. "All that and more."

Jason leaned down and captured her mouth in a deep kiss, his tongue a light caress as he tasted her. "Can you handle more, sweetheart? We have one more treat for you."

"Actually," Alex chuckled, "we have a lot more but we don't want to wear you out in one night. We're hoping you'll come back to visit again."

A nervous flutter danced in her stomach. "Can we talk about that later? Right now I'm ready for whatever else you have planned for tonight."

The two men looked at each other as if passing some silent signal.

"All right, then," Alex said. "But drink your wine first."

When the glass was empty, Jason took it from her and helped her to stand, unwrapping the towel from her. Taking her hand, he led her to the wall with the rows of chains.

"Usually we save this for the end of a weekend," he told her, "but since we have only tonight...His voice trailed off.

"Yes, tonight." She nodded.

"Then we're ready." Alex stepped around in front of her and she was amazed to see he was fully aroused again. He laughed. "I happened to have amazing recuperative powers. Women stand in line for me."

"I'll bet they do. So what now?"

He grinned. "Anxious, are we?"

Jason was doing something with a panel on the wall and the music changed from slow and romantic to heavy and pounding. Then he pressed a button that lowered one set of chains with lined cuffs attached. Alex locked them around her wrists, then signaled Jason to raise them again, pulling her up until she was on her tiptoes.

Alex stepped around in front of her again, closing his hands over her breasts while running his tongue over her lips. Behind her, Jason placed his hands on her shoulders, slid them down her arms and around to her mound, where he spread her folds and took her clit between two fingers.

The driving beat of the music pulsed in the air, altering the entire mood of the room and her body began responding to it. Under Alex's mouth her nipples throbbed, his tongue like a tiny whip lashing at the rosy buds. Jason's fingers on her clit were like a tiny velvet vise, squeezing that hard knot of flesh, rubbing it. Stimulating it to the point where liquid seeped from her cunt and wet her thighs.

Jason's engorged cock pressed into the cleft of her buttocks, a thick heated rod that inflamed her skin every place it touched her. Being suspended on her toes with balance eluding her excited her even more, creating a delicious feeling of vulnerability.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The music segued into the next tune, the beat accelerating, her blood pumping with the rhythm.

Alex lifted his head from her breasts, raised her legs and draped them over his shoulders. Jason continued to manipulate her clit while Alex set his tongue to laving every inch if her pussy inside and out. Her body began to shake under the force of the sensual attack. She thrust her hips against Alex's mouth but he gripped her hips tightly, determined to go at his own pace.

She closed her eyes, leaning back against Jason's hard-muscled chest, feeling his lips on her neck, her shoulder, the shell of her ear. She started when she felt him take her arms and loop them around Alex's neck but in the next moment she realized why.

"More of that wonderful oil," he whispered and two slick fingers slid into her rectum, working the tissues to stretch them, the oil heating her dark tunnel and spiking her desire. Jason ran his tongue along the column of her neck. "Me first, Miranda."

In the next instant she felt the thick head of his penis, sheathed in oiled latex, prodding at her anus, pushing gently but steadily, his hands separating the cheeks of her ass to give him better access.

"Breathe," he told her. "That's it. You can take it."

And then he was in all the way, filling her completely and her pussy quivered against Alex's mouth.

Alex lifted his head and with oil-slicked fingers opened her wide, lowering her legs. "Now me, my love."

She was already so wet his condom-clad cock slid in with one long thrust and she was impaled on two thick, hard shafts, so full she could hardly breathe.

And then they began to move, led by the heavy beat of the music, in perfect concert as if they'd done this many, many times. Jason's hands came around to pinch and tug on her nipples while Alex resumed his assault on her clit, this time with his hands. In and out they thrust, slow then fast, easy then hard.

Miranda hung suspended, her legs wrapped around Alex's neck, as two cocks plundered her with matching strokes and two pairs of hands stimulated her almost to a point beyond bearing. She tried to move her hips in concert with theirs but she was wedged too tightly between them and Alex's grip on her was too strong.

She had no idea how long it went on, the gliding in and out of the swollen penises, the delicious assault on her erogenous zones but without warning her muscles began to tighten in her belly, her womb began to clench and with the force of a tidal wave her orgasm rolled over her, shaking her with incredible force.

Fireworks burst behind her closed eyelids and she flew into black velvet space, her pussy and her rectum clamping down on the dual penetration, milking the two cocks. The fit was so tight she could feel their seed splash inside the condoms as if they were wearing nothing to separate their skin from hers.

The spasms went on and on, her liquid heat bathing them, Alex's hands grasping her breasts and kneading them, Jason biting the sensitive place where her neck and shoulder joined. They rode her through the aftershocks until her body finally lay limp and spent, braced against Jason, her legs still over Alex's shoulder.

Alex leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her mouth, then with great care lowered her legs while Jason released the handcuffs. She was so weak she would have fallen if Alex hadn't been holding her tightly. Then Jason was behind her again and they stroked and soothed her, showering her with light kisses, finally carrying her to the massive bathroom where a hot tub waited, its jets pulsing, bubbles dancing on the surface of the water.

* * * * *

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