Chapter 10 More Sex, Better Sex

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They went to work on her, Alex beginning at her shoulders, Jason at her feet, massaging warm oil into her skin, their hands working magic on her. If any of her muscles weren't relaxed previously, they were now.

When they reached her buttocks, Jason's hands pulled the globes apart and Alex drizzled the warm oil onto her anus. As soon as his finger entered her and began rubbing the oil into the tissue of her rectum, a hot feeling flushed through her body and a throbbing set up in her cunt. Her breasts, her nipples, her clit suddenly felt as if they were on fire and the only thing that would quench the flame was being fucked. Right then. She squirmed, trying to rub her mound against the table.

Jason laughed. "It's working already. You'll love this, Miranda. It will enhance everything we do to you."

They flipped her over to her back and began the same process on the front of her body, rubbing the oil into her with gentle strokes. When Alex reached her nipples, she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out at the intense sensation but that was only the beginning. Jason bent her knees, spread her legs and with a deft touch completely oiled the inside of her cunt.

At once she felt intense need gripping her, an orgasm beginning to build low in her belly. She couldn't stop the low moan that escaped her mouth.

"I think she wants to come," Jason commented. "Shall we let her? Take the edge off, so to speak?"

"Oh, yes," Alex agreed. "And we'll be able to see just how that pussy pulses in her climax. But let's help her stay in place."

With an economy of motion they placed her arms at her sides and fastened cuffs around her wrists. Alex pulled a wide belt from a slot at the side of the table, tugged it over her waist and locked it down on the other side, effectively immobilizing her.

He leaned forward and kissed her, giving her his tongue, then nibbling on her lips. "Relax, love. Enjoy."

Jason poured a drop of oil on her clit and began rubbing his finger back and forth. In a moment his hand was replaced by Alex's and Jason pulled back her labia so her pussy was completely exposed to his view. Alex kept up a steady rhythm on her clit while Jason's thumbs caressed her labia.

The throbbing inside her body was increasing in intensity. She tried to lift herself into it but the cuffs and belt held her firmly in place. More and more the thumbs stroked, the need uncoiling inside her like fine wire.

And then she was there, her body racked with spasms, her cunt convulsing, her blood like liquid fire in her veins. Alex kept up his attention to her clit, keeping her at the peak of release, rubbing, pinching, pulling, until the last aftershock finally died down and she was limp on the table.

Two mouths kissed her nipples and sucked them gently.

"That was magnificent," Jason told her. "Your pussy is a work of art, your juices like the finest cream. This will be such pleasure. For all of us."

She lay there, letting her heart rate return to normal, as the two men shed their clothing. Her eyes popped at the enormous erections they revealed. These men were like fine sculptures, designed for maximum sexual stimulation.

Alex unfastened the cuffs and belt, helped her to sit up and handed her a new glass of wine.

"Drink, my love. Refresh yourself."

She wanted to ask what came next but her question was answered before she could ask it.

Jason lifted her once more and carried her to the other padded table. She realized what the cutouts were for when he arranged her breasts so they hung free though the openings. Alex separated her legs and she felt her ankles being cuffed to wooden extensions.

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