Chapter 9

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Nyx flew back in through her window and stood still for a moment incase anyone had heard her land. When no one came to yell at her about leaving she went back to the lab to check on her brother and warn him about what Victor might do to him, when she got there though a computer generated version of the cosmic storm was in the room while Reed himself was stretching his arm across the room to write on a chalk board.

            "Reed... I see you've been busy..." Nyx spoke up when it didn't seem like he'd noticed her.

            "The plants from space. Their particles are still charged." Nyx rolled her eyes as he started another lecture on science. "With the right amount of energy, those ions could create the elemental profile of the cosmic storm."

            "Uh-huh... so um Victor might be trying to kill you."

            "I just need a few more days."

            Nyx looked from the storm hologram to her brother with a concerned look but just decided to leave; when Reed was like this he wouldn't listen. Besides Ben needed this, after Debbie rejected him he had acted depressed, maybe getting a chance to turn back into a normal human again would help him.

            "So where were you?" Sue asked and glared at Nyx as she turned the corner.

            "Uh, why? Did you need me earlier?"

            "We all did. Haven't you seen the news? We saved lives... you weren't there though to see it. In fact you weren't here at all!"

            Nyx clenched her fist; she didn't feel like dealing with Sue at the moment. "Look I just... Sue?"

            Sue was slowly sinking to the ground and curling up into a ball, her breath was becoming ragged and her skin was starting to turn blue. Nyx backed away back towards the lab before turning and running away completely.

            "Reed... Reed, come quickly!" Reed barely acknowledged her presence. "It's Sue!"

            That got his attention. "What's wrong?"

            "I don't know... I got mad and she... she just collapsed on the ground!"

            Reed ran past her and Nyx followed behind him quickly, they found Sue unconscious and barely breathing. Reed picked her up and carried her to the couch.

            "Get Ben and Johnny." He commanded.

            Nyx nodded and ran out of the room, she came back ten minutes later with a panicked Johnny and an angry Ben.

            "What happened?" Ben growled, which wasn't a hard thing with his gravelly voice.

            Reed shook his head. "I'm not sure... Nyx tell us exactly what happened."

            They all looked at her. "Well... I was going to just watch TV or something and let you keep working on the machine but Sue came. She started questioning my loyalty and I-I just got mad. She was going on about how I'm never here, then she just collapsed... like she had just died in front of me."

            "Nyx..." Reed shook his head sadly. "Her heart isn't beating."

            Johnny glared at her but was speaking with her brother. "She killed Sue?"

            "We can't know that. Besides it isn't too late. I still have a chance to bring her back."

            Reed picked up Sue's limp form and went to the lab with the others close behind, Nyx didn't follow them, she didn't know how she did that but wasn't going to kill another friend. Instead she went into the kitchen to get something to drink, she stared at the glass of water on the table though, not feeling well enough to drink any. At the same time though she was trying to duplicate her feelings and see if she could figure out what she'd done to Sue.

            Nyx growled in frustration and the water in the glass began to boil before freezing, the glass shattered and Nyx looked at the remains in shock. "Reed I think there's something you need to see!"

            Reed didn't show up though, Ben did. "What happened?"

            "I uh, I think I controlled the water I had in the glass... It boiled before freezing and shattering." She tried to gauge his reaction but his rocky face was hard to read.

            "Reed did say something about all the blood stopping in Sue's body... blood has water in it." Ben admitted. "We should tell Reed, he could run tests."

            "Is Sue okay?" Nyx asked suddenly. "I mean; did he manage to bring her back?"

            "Sue will be fine. She's still unconscious but her vitals are normal."

            Nyx sighed in relief and walked into the lab, Johnny was there with Reed talking but Sue was gone, most likely in her room. She stayed by the door while Ben told Reed what had happened. Reed glanced at her and motioned for her to walk over.

            "So Ben tells me you have a new power." Her brother stated. "I think it's time for you to take some tests." 

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