Chapter 3A

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"I can't believe you got results so fast." Miranda tucked the cordless phone between her neck and shoulder as she stir-fried veggies in her kitchen. "The day isn't even over yet."

"I aim to please." B.J.'s voice on the other end of the conversation sounded like warm molasses. "Anyway, I tapped into some good connections in the private jewelry world and a piece like yours wasn't hard to track.

"B.J., you are worth every penny I pay you and more. Let me get something to write on." She moved the skillet from the burner and reached for the notepad she kept on the counter. "Okay, shoot."

"Another winner in the name department." The edge of sarcasm in his voice was hard to miss. "Lucien Rivard. And this one's got even more money than you do, sweet thing, so he won't be looking to rip you off."

"How comforting. Where do I find this Prince Charming?"

"You'll love this. He has his own private island in the Bahamas."

Miranda frowned. "Great. I guess I can't exactly row up to his shoreline and pop in."

B.J. laughed. "No but my friend made some arrangements for you. A car will pick you up at nine tomorrow morning and take you to where Rivard keeps his helicopter. The pilot will fly you to the island. Rivard's expecting you for lunch."

"Whew! I guess he isloaded." She doodled with her pen. "Did your friend say if he was angry? Irritated? Anything?"

"Not a clue. I guess you'll have to find out for yourself. But I guess he wouldn't be inviting you to lunch if he was too pissed off."

"Okay. Thanks, B.J."

"And Miranda? Call me as soon as you get home."

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