Chapter 2 Sex Relieves Street

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Miranda tossed her keys into the porcelain bowl on the cherrywood table in her condo foyer. In her bedroom she stripped off her clothes, tossed them into the hamper in the closet, then stood in front of her full-length mirror, analyzing her body.

Not too bad,she thought, being as objective as possible. A little on the short side, the thighs a tiny bit fleshy but her bottom was well rounded and her breasts were still firm and full. Her stomach was still flat, thanks to a steady regime of exercise but with a slight roundness that men seemed to love. She'd vacillated between shaving her pubic mound completely and waxing it bikini-style. Now she kept it trimmed so there was just a fine line of curls on the labia with a tiny nest at the top of her slit.

She wasn't looking for a relationships. She liked her individuality. Her freedom. But now she had the opportunity to indulge all of her sexual fantasies without worrying about another person. Was that selfish of her? Maybe but she was ready for a little selfishness in her life.

What was wrong with her, though, that men seemed to keep losing interest in her? Did she push too hard? Was she too willing? Not willing enough? Or did she focus so much on the sex she forgot there were other facets to a man she needed to take into consideration?

Or maybe it was just they realized she'd gotten as bored with them as they were with her. When she sold her company she suddenly had no place to go and nothing to do. But the vast world of pleasure that she'd allowed to pass her by while she focused on her business opened up to her like a huge candy store. At the moment, however, her drawer full of toys excited her more than any man she'd been with.

Just thinking of them now she felt moisture gather in her cunt and trickle to the inside of one thigh. She opened the outer lips of her pussy and spread her legs wide. Her breath caught as she saw the glistening pink flesh. She might not have found the perfect lover but she could give herself a great orgasm.

Pulling open the drawer in her nightstand, she took out two lengths of silken cord, a long, narrow butt plug, her lubricant and the purple dildo that she loved because it had extensions to grab her clit. Slathering the plug, she knelt on the bed and reached behind her, inserting it slowly in her rectum until it was fully seated. Next she looped one length of cord over her left ankle and tied it to one of the bedposts. The other she looped around her left wrist and fastened it to the headboard.

She spread her legs, enjoying the feeling of being restrained, the simulation of helplessness. The dildo slid easily into her already dripping cunt and she placed the little extensions on her clit, drawing in her breath at the touch of it on her already hot nub. Then, closing her eyes, she pressed the button at the bottom of the dildo and sank into the vibrations running through her.

The buzzing on the tip of her clitoris nearly drove her mad, as it always did and already she could feel the walls of her pussy quiver. The sensations penetrated the thin membrane separating her cunt from her asshole and the butt plug began to shimmy in that hot, dark tunnel. Her orgasm began to build in her body, rising on a steady wave of sensation. As she was about to push herself over the edge, she pressed the switch to off and held herself panting just at but not over the crest.

She'd learned through experimentation that if she did this two or three times, when she finally came, the force of her climax would be ten times greater. If only she could find a man who realized that.

Twice more she set the dildo to vibrating, feeling her pussy muscles clench and the muscles of her rectum grasp the plug filling it. When she finally gave herself the release she sought, it was like a storm crashing down on her. Her hips jerked, her cunt pulsed, her clit burned and liquid gushed from her, soaking the hand holding the dildo.

She lay panting for a long time afterwards, letting the aftershocks ripple over her. Even though she kept her eyes closed, she found it strange that she couldn't call to mind the face of any man she'd been with.

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