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Hey guys! It's noelicoan here! 

For those who are new; this is the third book of a series I've been writing, and you might not understand some of the things that I write, so go ahead and add on to your reading list, the first book: The Son of the Hearth, Moon, Son, Spring, Underworld and Marriage. Second book: The Son of Seven Gods and Brother of One. 

Well, I hope you will like this, Avengers and Percy Jackson Crossover! 

Also, for those who celebrate, Merry Christmas! 


''Isn't this getting a little bit too frequent? I mean, where even are we!?'' Hannah rambled, combing stray strands of curly hair out of her face. 

''We're apparently in Park Avenue, New York.''

''So we travelled from Scotland to America just like that!'' Hannah said, snapping her fingers. 

''Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh'' Screams were heard from an alleyway, though it became muffled in just a few seconds. 

''What was that!?''

''It may have been a monster! Let's go!''

''What monsters!? A Hippogriff?''

''Hannah, those are only in England, though some are in Egypt as well, we're not there. These should be Greek monsters! We are in America after all!'' Percy yelled as he and Hannah ran to where the scream was heard. 

The two arrived, not the slightest out of breath. They saw a scene where five people, all wearing ridiculous outfits were standing over several dead bodies. Hannah gasped as she ran to the nearest bin to throw up. Sure, she had seen dead bodies, dead animals, killing a few herself, but the place was horrifying. It's walls soaked red with blood, though mysteriously, not a speck on the men and woman in skin-tight suits. Hannah wobbled back and leant on Percy's shoulder and Percy rubbed her arm reassuringly. 

''Halt! Who goes there!'' The man holding a shield yelled. 

''My name is Peter Johnson, and this is Holly Chime.''

''You shouldn't be here! Didn't you see the signs?''

''What signs?''

''Tony?'' The lady wearing a body tight black catsuit asked in a really scary warning tone.

''Hey I was shooting the guy, not labelling him! besides, why should I be in charge of signing the place saying, this place is dangerous with lots of murder, do not enter. I mean that is just wrong! Who do you think made those suits!'' A voice called out from the floating machine. The golden part of the red and gold face came off to reveal a man with brown hair and brown eyes, sporting a goatee. 

''They should come back with us to the Avengers tower since it is our fault that she had to see a scene like this. Holly right? my name is Natalie are you alright?''

''Yes, thank you miss. Per-Peter, what should we do?''

''Hmm, might be our next task. let's go. Thank you miss Natalie.'' Percy answered, looking at the woman suspiciously. This gang was weird. They all had some sort of godly blood in them but only a few knew. There was an actual god as well!

''Do I know you Peter, Son of John. You have features of a hero described by my family.''

''Urm, who are you?''

''I am the mighty Thor! Son of Odin and the God of Thunder! Wielder of Mjolnir, the hammer wielded only by those worthy!'' 

''Ah, well, I don't think I have ever met you. I would've remembered more clearly if I ever met a god before!'' Percy acted, earning a light jab from Hannah who nearly burst out laughing. 

"Well, my name's Steve Rogers, though many of the nations know me as Captain America! Nice to meet you Peter, Holly."

"My name's Clint Barton though you should know me as Hawk Eye!"

''As I said before, my name is Natalie Radoslava. I am better known as Black Widow.''

''And as you ALL know, my name is Tony Stark, whose name might be better known than my counter persona, Iron Man!'' 

''I'm sorry, we don't watch much television. So you're Tony Stark did you say?'' Percy teased. Of course he knew the man, he was just trying to knock the man down a few pegs in pride. 

''Who doesn't watch television! What is wrong with you!''

''Not everyone is as interested in the population of the world Tony,'' Clint said as he jumped onto a garbage-can to be the tallest one there.

Percy nudged Hannah and sent a message through their minds. Hannah understood immediately and fainted, though it was fake. Percy took charge and caught her with ease.

''Sorry, can we go to that Avengers Towers or wherever? She's fine, just slightly unconscious.''

''Of course, follow me. Wait, can you climb up walls?''

''I'm not spiderman miss. Though I can jump up walls.'' Percy gently carried Hannah in his arms like a bride and jumped onto a car, then to a pipe, then at one of the signboards, and with one more leap, there he was, on the roof. The Avengers looked at the boy with awe, he didn't even have proper training and there he was, jumping around like a monkey! 

''Go on then, follow him!'' Natasha, though with her other name, Natalie, pointed a gun at the top of the roof and out came a thin, strong rope, which attached its self to the roof. She then pulled herself up. Clint shot an arrow and also walked up the wall, Stark and Thor just flew up, and Steve arrived in one jump. 

''Well? Let's go then!''

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