Chapter 53

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The closer the group came to the lair, the worse the smell in the air became. They were each contending in their own way. Ezekiel pushed forward. Quill stayed close behind his brother, hoping nothing happened to Aylin. Daemon was doing his best to hide his nerves, but he couldn't remember a time when he faced off with demons. Angus was preparing himself, thinking that he may die in the name of his pack. Everyone was feeling different things, but their objective didn't change. 

Up ahead, there was a beam of light that shone into the tunnel. Rushing forward, Ezekiel looked through to see a dark hallway, lit only by torches. "Up here," he whispered. 

Pushing his brother out of the way, Quill poked his nose through the hole in the wall. "Any scent that was here, had long since faded. This must be a corridor they don't use anymore."

"But, why does it smell so bad?" Daemon complained. 

"Demons are probably close enough that the smell is lingering."

Angus looked at the wall separating them from the corridor. "How exactly are we going to get through this without making a lot of noise? This is stone, heavy stone. If they're nearby, we're going to be heard."

"That's why I'm here," the singular female voice said. 

All four men looked up, hearing her voice but not seeing where it came from. 

"Over here, boys." 

Ezekiel looked out, seeing her, standing there hands on her hips. "What good are you over there?" he growled. 

"You boys just need to stand back."


Waking up, Aylin's head felt heavy. Looking around, she was alone in the room. Her memory was slightly hazy, and she wasn't sure how long she had been unconscious. 

'Kaia, what happened?'

'Pretty sure we're screwed.'


'If you want to live through this, you need to dig down deep for me.'

'What on Earth are you--'

The door opened, and Zagan stood there, eyes angrier than she had ever seen them. "I hope it was worth it," he sneered. "Every single measly wolf in your pack is going to die a horrific, bloody death."

Completely taken aback, she wondered what happened in the time she wasn't awake. Clearly, something of great importance which reverted the demon back to his true anger. Unable to form words, she simply stared at the angrily heaving demon in front of her. 

"Tonight is the full moon, and the ceremony. Once it's over, you won't remember a single thing from your life with that wolf, and we are going to destroy the race of werewolves! I hope it was worth it!" 

Only one question stood out in her mind. "Do you care about me?" Even in the face of his anger, this girl kept calm. Simply looking at him was enough to soften his demeanor. "Did you ever care about me the way a mate should? You seem to be blaming me for things that were completely out of my control. Is that the kind of person you are? Is that why my Mother left you?" Getting out of bed, she approached him cautiously. "You blow hot and cold so quickly, its frightening. Is that how you intend to keep me here? Using fear?" 

Zagan stood completely motionless against the girl's barrage of questions. Was this what having a mate was? Becoming weak? It felt as if all the anger he was directing at her suddenly vanished without a trace, replaced by a heavy fog coated in confusion. "What is this?!" He yelled, vein popping from his forehead. 

Recoiling, Aylin wasn't sure either. How was it possible to have a one sided mate bond? "It's human to feel this way, but I don't have any of those feelings for you. Keeping me here would only hurt you." 

There was no lie in her eyes when she spoke. For some reason, all the rage built up inside wanting to come bursting out, but it didn't. Rather, he said nothing for a moment. "Leave now. Leave, before I change my mind." 


Moving away from the door, Zagan left a clear path for her. He wasn't sure what he was doing. His body was betraying his mind. The urge to forcibly take her was outdone by the weight he was carrying in his heart. The thought that she would never love him, and she'd be doomed to a demon's life. He couldn't bear the thought. 

Though thoroughly bewildered, Aylin started for the door when a a banging came from it. 

"Master! Werewolves found us!" 

Eyes wide, Aylin knew that it was Ezekiel searching for her. Turning toward him, a hand fell upon her throat, squeezing. Clawing and gasping, fury raged in his eyes. "So, tried to pull one over on me, did you?"

"N-no...I-I swear," she wheezed, struggling for breath. 

"Prepare everything. Make sure you send them toward the throne room." 

"Yes, Master." The lower demon ran off. 

Returning his gaze back to Aylin, he smirked maliciously. "As for you, get ready. You're going to suffer the same pain I did. I'm going to make you watch as I tear your mate limb from limb." 

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