Chapter Nineteen

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"Alright, kids!" Screeched Mrs. Kenwood, as if we were miles away and not right in front of her. She stood to the side, waving her arms above her head. There was some sort of resort employee standing next to her. "Gather around!"

We shuffled closer to her, waiting for her to speak so we could split up and all go our separate ways to the cabins assigned to us. I had my heavy duffel bag thrown over my shoulder so I was eager to put it down somewhere.

"Okay. If you could come to me one by one, I will give you your cabin key. Your partners will also receive the same key, whether they are in this group or another. Cabins go by numerical order so just follow them until you arrive at your number. As for meal times, I want you all in the meeting hall by 8 am for breakfast, 1pm for lunch and 7 pm for dinner. If you're late, you don't get food. It's simple. Curfew is 9 pm, and if I find anyone outside their cabin by 9:01, we all go back home a day early. Clear?"

There were a few grumbles about how early both breakfast and curfew was, but the murmurs quietened down quickly. Everyone was too excited to be truly pissed about anything. Mrs. Kenwood continued, completely unbothered.

"There are multiple activities to choose from each day, including skiing, obviously. Snow boarding, ice skating, sledding, tobogganing and snow tubing are other options. Skiing lessons are available for those who don't know how to. There is also a wide range of leisure services available, such as hot tubs and thermal pools, along with a cafeteria where you can get hot drinks and snacks 24/7."

"Now, I hope I don't have to remind you all to be responsible adults. I don't want any immature behavior, lets have a good couple of days."

With that, everybody walked up to get their key. I looked around for my roommate when I got mine but I couldn't find her anywhere so I began making my way to our cabin, figuring she already left.

"What number are you?" Charlie asked, coming up behind me with Grayson. I lifted my key and showed them the huge 33 written on the keychain.

"Hey, we're neighbors, we got 30! Madison and Claudia probably got 31 or 32." Grayson said, trudging through the snow. I nodded.

"Yeah, we did ask for adjacent cabins. I'm surprised they listened to us." I replied, sniffling through my achingly cold nose.

It was silent for a few minutes as we walked, the only sound heard was the snow crunching beneath our boots and the other kids around us laughing in groups walking towards their own cabins.

As we began nearing the area, the huge pine trees started to thin out and the cabins finally came into view, all identical and spread out randomly. They were average sized with an exterior that looked like it was made out of long logs of wood. They all had two steps leading up to a mini porch with one wooden chair on it.

"This is a lot more than I expected." Grayson uttered, making me realize I had stopped walking.

"Me too. I looked up the resort online and stuff but damn, this is great." Charlie whistled.

"Yeah, man. Especially after last years' seniors went camping in the middle of nowhere with only a couple of flimsy tents." They both laughed.

"I wish I could just sit out here for hours and paint it." I commented, my eyes drifting around the view in front of me. "These snow covered pines, along with the cozy cabins scattered about against the crisp white mountain behind make the perfect picture. It's magical."

"Okay, it's not that nice." Grayson rolled his eyes jokingly. I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed. We began walking again, following the numbers on the doors like Mrs. Kenwood said.

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