"What is your deal Chase I am ugly noone wants to walk home with me or be seen with me well anyone but Vicky even my sister Scarlette".  "Well i really dont know what i do know is why dont we sit on this rock wall for a few minutes and rest".  "well i guess just for a few minutes since i really need to get back".  "So what would happen if i did something suprising right now".  "well Chase it depends on what that is".  Prince Chase starts to lean in and Eliza thinks "oh my god hes going to kiss me why he is bethrothed to my sister shut up brain just enjoy it hes hot".  He leaned in more and there lips ment for about 2 second then he pulled away and goes "dont tell anyone since im betrothed to your sister Scarlette".  "Why would you do that why whould you every a man like you who is engadged"!!    " I dont know why i did it i just did now u go on ill come soon i dnt want it to look strange or anything remember never to tell".  Eliza Starts to run away " I love him but a endaged man shouldnt go around kissing other girls espically a prince"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "I cannot wait to tell Vicky first thing tomorrow " thought Eliza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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